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Over three million people all over the world are fighting addiction. And, most amongst them are into the addiction recovery process. This recovery process is undoubtedly very complicated and caters to varied results. Treatment for any addiction is similar to the old saying, ‘one size fits all.’  Popular options for this recovery follow under the criteria of AA and NA (Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous), rehab centers, and medications (suboxone or methadone). 

Irrespective of you going under any addiction or have any known individual facing the same, you should be aware of the recovery process. Read the detailed discussion on seven things that you require to know about the addiction recovery to gain profound success. Moreover, consult a professional or else try getting help from a ‘recuperated’ addict who is aware of addiction as a disease. Always remember, there is nothing known as ‘impossible.’

1. Prioritize your recovery 

Consider the initial stages of your addiction recovery seriously. These are the crucial stages one has to experience. Follow and cooperate with the utmost seriousness to what your counselor or rehab specialist in asking you to do. Focus on your addiction recovery primarily. Many past instances show that people under the recovery process can hardly bear the brunt. They never survive their addiction! Too much drug overdose or alcohol intake leads to sudden death. It is like a live bomb ticking, ready to explode anytime. So, never let this golden chance slip away from your hand.

2. Don’t isolate yourself

Addiction makes an individual lonely who tries to cut-off all the social ties and remain inside the four walls, all within themselves. An addicted individual leads to life in total isolation. Thus, addiction recovery turns better when other individuals or family members surround you. Initially, you might try to avoid eye-contacting them or talking to them. These are all the initial phases of any recovery process. They are the support system and the ones motivating you for further improvement.

3. Swap the negative habits with positive ones

A healthy addiction recovery asks for swapping the negative patterns with positive and renewed ones. You should try joining the group of positive-thinking individuals and try enjoying those things that you enjoyed before your addiction took over the command. Painting, reading good and motivational books, gardening, brisk walking, or jogging with your dog, cooking, and spending time with your close-knit ones are the best things to lead you to a healthy life. Find meetings near you where you can connect with similar-minded people.

positive thoughts

You can share your favorite hobbies or interests with them. Also, include some of your ‘useful’ friends, who have helped you to remain safe and out of any problem. Take their advice. These are, most of the time, productive ones. Perfect friends are those who help in maintaining a healthy recovery.


4. Participate in 12-step companionship course

Many addiction recovery rehabs conduct the twelve-step communion. Here all sorts of addiction like alcoholism, drug and substance abuse, acute depression, anorexia nervosa, bulimia, OCD, and sexual abuse victims go under the companionship course, which imbibes positive and motivational attributes in them. This 12-step group program stands for all the affected victims and acts as a beautiful model of camaraderie and unity. It is very resourceful, as it provides to all with ethical values, self-help, and successful recovery. In all, the 12-step companionship is a must for all addiction recovery individuals. Without this, the entire process stands an unsuccessful one.  


5. ‘One day at a time’ technique

It is a widespread addiction recovery saying – ‘one day at a time,’ and you should abide by the same. Every recovery takes time, as time is always the best healer. You are one who has to remain patient and stay on track. And you should do the same till the time you get the hang of your addiction recovery course or session.

Initially, your interests and obsessive desires might haunt you, but you have to stride past these all. This phase, too, shall pass. Remain open-minded and keep on discovering new recovering techniques. These all help in overcoming the negative thoughts that keep haunting you always. Never let your addiction shake you for a single day or a single hour.


6. Stay active 

The study says that regular exercise leads to the constant release of endorphins. Regular exercise boosts your body’s metabolic rate and keeps you mentally and physically healthy. Once you are over with the initial detoxification, start keeping yourself busy. While sitting idle at home, it leads to specific adverse effects, both physically and psychologically. An addicted individual always craves for motivation and action in life.

For instance, when someone tries to come out of alcoholism, he faces the ‘alcohol withdrawal syndrome.’ They crave more sugary food items, as alcohol contains sugar. The best way to diverge your mind is by finding a job or getting yourself enrolled in some vocational learning center.


Utilize your idle time fruitfully, or else you can volunteer yourself for the particular field of work, which interests you the most. Always remember that any addiction makes an individual selfish. You have to overcome this behavioral attribute by being generous and selfless. Thus keep yourself engaged so that you stand useful for others and also for yourself!

7. Procedure for maintenance and upkeep

The final and the most significant thing to know about addiction recovery is the procedure related to your support and upkeep. And it is the most time-consuming one. This process cements your new habits and transforms your entire lifestyle. The whole process has several vital aspects –

  1.  It erases your past traumatic situations like negative thought processes, associations, and livelihood.
  2. It builds long-lasting habits like maintaining a healthy diet, meditating, and doing moderate exercise. You have to carry on with these habits your entire life to remain stress-free. 
  3. It helps in thinking positively. Your mind plays a crucial role in your addiction recovery. Try focusing on the positive aspects of your life rather than the negative ones.

Final thoughts

Though the entire journey is not too complicated, it sometimes seems challenging. Irrespective of whatever you do, you should never ‘give-up’ or ‘give-in’ to your old addiction. You are the one who has to take the extra initiative to pick yourself from the point where you have fallen. Shun all the temptations and your problematic days. Walk with your head held high, as remember that life always gives a second chance.

The mentioned above seven crucial aspects related to addiction recovery help in breaking the code of ignorance. Have faith in self and stay calm. Remember, after every hurricane, there is a rainbow of hope.

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