Planning to move to Ontario? This east-central Canadian province borders the United States. It is home to some popular destinations in the country including Niagara Falls, Toronto, and Ottawa, the country’s capital. Some of the inspirations to move to this city include employment, education in some of the best universities in the country, or to experience life in a new environment. Here are things to know about settling in Ontario for a smooth transition.

7 Things You Need To Know About Settling In Ontario - Rtoc

Administrative requirements

You have to apply for the Ontario Health Insurance Plan to get a health card. This covers all visits to the emergency room, doctor’s appointments, and clinics for surgeries, and medical tests. Get a driver’s license after setting up an appointment with the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario. You have to pay a fee and take a road and knowledge test at the Travel Point or DriveTest Centre.

Change the address of all official documents and services. There is no need to personally alert all relevant public or private organizations. You can use a free app to change all your addresses by informing all relevant organizations about the address change simultaneously. When from another country, you have to understand the procedures of getting a local cell phone subscription.

Where to live

Ontario has 445 cities and towns with a host of accommodation options including condos, houses, and duplexes. These fit everyone’s budget and lifestyle. Luckily, if you don’t qualify for a mortgage, there are various locations where to find rent to own homes in Ontario. This option allows renting a home with an option to purchase it at the end of your contract. You can rent to own homes in various locations in Ontario like Vaughan, Oakville, and Cobourg have.

This province attracts people from across the world for its thriving economy and culturally filled cities. The Canadian capital Ottawa is in this province and is the best place to live in the country. Toronto the capital of Ontario is a world-famous metropolitan and multicultural city with various wonderful neighborhoods for settling down. Hamilton, the world’s waterfall capital is a visually stunning location with Dundurn Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and more than 100 waterfalls. This is a hub for budding entrepreneurs for being relatively affordable.

Cost of living in Ontario

The cost of living varies by location. Ontario has a moderate provisional tax rate compared to other provinces like Nova Scotia and British Columbia. This province is among the four in the country charged a Harmonized Sales Tax combining Goods and Service Tax and Provincial Sales Tax. Luckily, Ontario is charged a lower Harmonized Sales Tax compared to the other provinces.

Renting an apartment

There various online platforms making apartment rental a breeze. These platforms allow filtering your selection according to the type of property, neighborhood, city, and budget. Alternatively, you can enlist the services of a reputable Ontario real estate broker to help you find a dream apartment. For those on a low budget, you can book one and split the rent with another person.

The amount to pay for rent varies by city with some neighborhoods costing higher than others. Other factors that determine how much you are likely to pay to rent an apartment include:

  • Size of apartment
  • Distance from your work location
  • Proximity to public transportation

Public transportation in Ontario

The Ministry of Transportation manages public transport in Ontario. Here, the municipal transit system has conventional services to serve the public at fixed hours. The specialized services offer door-to-door transport for people with disabilities and other eligible ones. You can use Uber in nine cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, and Hamilton.

Internet and cell phone plan

Ontario has various Internet Service Providers with the most popular including Bell Canada, Rogers, and Cogeco. The rule of thumb is to make a comparison of prices to ensure you go for a good bargain. Equally important is to understand the available plans at the new address. When from another country, you have to select a cell phone carrier. The popular ones in Ontario include Freedom Mobile, Bell, and Fido. Make a comparison to determine the most appropriate carrier and plan to match your needs.

Where to buy basic requirements

Ontario produces fruits, vegetables, meat, honey, fish, wine, and poultry products. You can purchase these from the Farmer’s Market or local grocery store. Locally produced produce comes with a Foodland Ontario logo. You can buy this from national store chains like Loblaw and Sobeys. Only those above 19 years can drink legally with the biggest liquor outlets including the Beer Store, Wine Rack, and LCBO.


Regardless of your reasons to move to Ontario, understanding how to have a smooth transition will come in handy. It is very important to understand how to get your way around and getting appropriate accommodation. Options like rent to own make the process of getting a home of your own easier and cost-effectively.