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As we know that this pandemic has increased the consumption of internet services throughout the world. This is because people are getting their work done from their home over the internet whereas the students are taking their online classes using the internet. The workload of internet service providers is also increased and hence is some areas, the speed of the internet is getting low because of more traffic. There are some reasons behind this slow internet services and the major reason is that all of the family members use the same internet at the same time. As we know that people are staying at home, this means that all the members will use the internet at the same time. In this article, we will discuss some of the amazing tips to improvise internet services in the COVID-19 pandemic.

1: Restart The Router 

If you are feeling that your internet is getting slow and also taking time to load the website or content then the first thing you should do is to restart the router. This is the most common tech advice from the solvers because it mostly fixes the problem of the internet. The two ways of restarting the router include the manual pushing the button which is placed at the back of the device or you can also plug off the electric socket. One of the other ways is to restart through the system but this option is limited to some of the devices.

The recommended way of restarting the router is to turn on the router after waiting for 10 seconds because it will refresh all the hardware of the device. Restarting the router can also help you in making your signal problem solved because it refreshes the system.

2: Increase the Speed and Bandwidth 

If you have multiple users at your home and all of the users are addicted to the internet then you should know that your speed will be divided. Not only this, but your bandwidth will also be limited to all the users. Hence, it will make your speed slow and you will face some difficulties. The best way to defend this problem is to increase your bandwidth limit from your internet service providers and the speed of the internet.

3: Try using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Sometimes it happens that the ISP’s bandwidth makes your internet speed slow. This usually happens when your bandwidth is limited whereas you have crossed your limit. In this pandemic time, most of the users watch a video website like YouTube, Netflix that takes extra bandwidth. Once you cross your bandwidth, you will be facing the speed problem. The best solution for this problem is to use a VPN and in this way, the speed can become better.

4: Use Ethernet Over WLAN

If you are using the internet on your computer then you should prioritize the Ethernet cable over the Wi-Fi. This is because the consumption of Wi-Fi is increased thus it causes the signal weakness problem. This using the Ethernet wire will not make any signal issue and you can enjoy the internet without any hassle.

5: Clearing Browser’s Cache and History

If you are facing the problem of loading a website slower then you should go for clearing the history and cache in the setting of the browser. Remember that the saved history, cache as well as a download makes the internet services slower. It will be better if you clear all the bookmarks, passwords because it causes the internet to be slowed.

6: Try Ad-Blocker

Whether you are using the internet on your smartphone or laptop, you always see the ads on these devices. These ads are not only displayed instead it also makes your device slow. Some of these ads are harmful to your device. If the security system of your device is slow then these can also corrupt your device hardware or software system. The best way to defend this issue is to use ads-blocker. Ads-blocker is an extension or application that can be installed on your smartphone or in your browser. These applications will block all the ads that are displayed on your devices. In this way, no harmful ads will make your internet connection slower.

7: Install Antivirus Application

Sometimes it happens that you download something from an untrusted website and once the software is installed on your computer, you will face some malware problems. This software is malware viruses and causes the slowness in internet speed. However, there are solutions to these problems. The most prominent solution is to install the antivirus software and increase your security through that software. Once you install it, you should turn the software on whereas you should also clean your computer. Cleaning the computer option is available in almost all the antivirus software. The software cleans all the malware functions, viruses as well as all other harmful application to maintain your system.

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