The period of storm and stress- the adolescence period bring the corporal and psychological changes of puberty. With the advent of these biological variations in the body, the entire identity developed since childhood changes. At that moment your ability to distinguish our identity, own self, and the idea we have of ourselves is in crisis. Facial hair starts to come in as soon as puberty hits your body. Hairs start growing in various parts of your body like around groin, under armpits, on belly, chest, and back. This hair growth is a result of hormones known as ‘ANDROGENS’.

Time to Start Shaving:

There is no definite time to start shaving. Whenever you feel that there is enough hair growth, just shave it. Find time for yourself out of all the school and college work, and pay some time to make yourself look good. Get assignment help sydney for your study, and for shaving, talk to someone in your family who is already used to it. Ask them about when to start shaving and they will help you to start safely.

What to use for shaving?

The answer to the question is ‘RAZOR’. Safe and easy to use razor should be used for shaving. You can go to a pharmacy or a store to buy it.

You may find two types of razors:

1. Electric razor
2. Disposable razor

ELECTRIC RAZOR: It can be in rechargeable or cordless form. The main benefit of electric razor is that it is very convenient. You should always buy that razor that will contour your skin. Electric razors can also irritate your skin so always choose the right one for you.

DISPOSABLE RAZOR: Before using a disposable razor, you have to buy shaving cream to help your skin to get lubricated and reduces the risk of cuts. Creams containing alcohol should be avoided as they can cause irritation to your skin. Use regular bar soap or shower soap.


1. Using cold water- If you want to shave without getting any cuts, do not use cold water while shaving instead use warm water.
2. Not following the direction- Do not shave in the direction opposite to your hair otherwise, you will get cuts if you have sensitive skin.
3. Rash shaving- Not soaking your skin in warm water before shaving will lead to dryness and you will not be able to shave your hairs smoothly.
4. Losing calmness- Always shave slowly. Don’t ever push down the razor hardly otherwise there are chances that you might get cuts and nicks.
5. Using razors frequently- Do not use the same razors regularly. Change them from time to time. Dull razors tend to cut the skin and cause irritation.
6. Sharing- Do not ever share your razors with others.
7. Pay attention to some areas- Don’t shave your knee and ankle area. It’s better to wax them. If you have to shave them, do it with some extra precaution as these areas are more prone to cuts.
8. No caring after shaving- Once you are done with shaving, never leave your skin without applying a lotion or a moisturizer else it will get rough and dry.

Many people think that shaving makes the hair grow back thicker but the reality is shaving only removes hairs at the surface of the skin.

You don’t have to shave regularly unless you have thick hair growth. Your hair can tend to come faster when you get older. That’s when you have to start shaving regularly.