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Moring Run

Running in the morning has many benefits for the body. It has a positive influence on the mind and body. If done the right way, it can be your new best friend. If you are not already starting your day with running, the benefits below will convince you otherwise.

Help lose weight

One of the biggest benefits of a morning run is that it helps people keep fit. Running burns more calories than jogging or walking does. Therefore, running can be a great source of shedding excess body weight. This is especially important since obesity has extremely adverse effects on the health of the person. It gravely impacts all facets of life, including personal relationships.

Marriages of obese people tend to run into more trouble as they not only have more mental issues, but their sexual life also suffers. However, whilst running can help lose weight, the mental issues might be deeper and require professional help. Therefore, it’s best to talk to a doctor like Dr. Haris Burki, who is a sexologist and helps with marriage counseling as well.

Help stay healthy

Running has great benefits for health. It reduces people’s chances of getting diseases and conditions like CHD- coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer, and even neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. However, it is vital to not overdo it. When starting off the habit, gently increase the rate as otherwise, issues like overloading muscles can occur.

Helps make a routine

Humans are creatures of habit and therefore having a routine makes the body function better. When you go running every day, it makes a habit of exercising which is not just great for physical health but mental as well. Not having a planned day increases chaos, which breeds stress.

Helps control diet

People who run in the morning are better able to control their diet. A study in 2012 found that exercising in the morning reduced the body’s response to the images of food. Therefore, people running the morning are less susceptible to the temptation of unnecessary eating.

Relieves Stress

Chronic stress is extremely bad for the body. It leads to conditions like compromised immunity, increased risk of heart diseases, headaches, disrupted sleep etc. Therefore, continuously high levels of stress need to be countered, and morning runs are a great way to do that.

Exercising helps relieve stress in the body by reducing the cortisol levels. It also releases the ‘good’ hormone endorphin in the body. Therefore, morning run saves the body from the repercussions of stress.

Is a mood booster

Being in the right state of mind is very important to be productive. Running in the morning hence helps boost the mood. It therefore ensures that people get rid of all the toxic energy holding them back. Also, being happier prevents anxiety and depression from creeping into life.

Moreover, being positive also helps people gain confidence in themselves. Relaxed people also have the clarity of mind to be able to think and perform well. Running also helps people clear the clutter away from the mind and therefore they are able to focus better.

Improves mental strength

Alongside being physically strong, it is also very important to be mentally fortified as well. Morning runs are great for strength training the mind. Each day can be set as a challenge, and when the person meets the challenge, it boosts their trust in their abilities.

Moreover, it is a cathartic experience. Running churns out all the bad vibes holding the mental health back. This strength then has a positive impact on all aspects of life, whether it be work or home. They are able to deal better with tough situations then.

Better metabolism

Setting the day off the right way by running improves metabolism. Post workout, the body continues to stay active and thus continues burning the calories for the rest of the day. Hence, it is also fruitful in helping the person stay fit and not put on extra weight.

Helps get proper sleep

Many people take for granted the importance of proper sleep. It gives the body much needed break to recover the wear and tear that it sustained all day. People suffering from anxiety, stress etc. have trouble sleeping. Also, all those people who do not stick to a routine have issues sleeping well.

Morning run therefore helps counter both these problems. The stress released helps people have quality sleep. It also promotes the concept of having a proper routine, which then helps the body shut off after a specific time and so avoids issues like insomnia.

Morning run therefore is extremely beneficial for health, whether it be physical or mental. But careful attention has to be paid to how the run is being conducted. It is crucial to have the correct running shoes, try not to push too hard on the first day. Gradually build the stamina. Moreover, stretching prior to running is also very vital. If the etiquette of running is not followed, the chances of injuries are very high.

Therefore, if you think that you have overdone the run and are experiencing some issue, it is very important to consult a doctor. If the injuries are left untreated, they tend to get worse and might impede on your mobility. Hence, visit a good facility like Hameed Latif Hospital and get yourself checked. The doctor can then guide you better, and help you heal faster so you can get back to reaping the benefits of morning run, again.

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