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Whether you’re new to car shows or a car enthusiast, it always helps to stay informed about car shows so you can see the latest models on the floor. Here we will discuss some of the key aspects you need to know about McCormick Place, where the annual Auto Show Chicago takes place every in February. Every year, the event attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors over the 10-day period of the exhibition. In this article, we will guide you through the Auto Show in detail to keep you informed on what to look out for.


Obviously, there are thousands of cars on display from all the leading auto brands across the world. Apart from this, the Auto Show Chicago is also known for its special event days, such as Women’s day, Family day, Hispanic day, etc. Food drive day is also one of the main attractions, which attracts auto lovers who are also food lovers.

On all days, the show runs between 10AM and 10PM. Closing time on the final day is 8PM. Tickets can be bought online or directly from the counter. If you are in love with certain special events, you can visit the show on those special occasions to double the fun. You can get all the information you need on the event from the official Auto Show website or from their social media page.


When you are at an auto show, traveling from one pavilion to another, watching all those stunning looking cars alone should not be part of your plan. All leading brands showcase their lineup of offerings. Some you might be able to touch, hop inside and even test drive, whereas a few concept cars and special variants can’t be sat inside of, but can be photographed. Apart from that, you can also take part in a few exclusive automotive activities like off-roading, VR displays, and other interactive features, which are hard to resist.

Even kids can have fun by taking part in certain exclusive activities created just for them. There are 3 indoor test tracks apart from the 6 outdoor test drive offers which are available for visitors to enjoy. This makes the Chicago Auto Show a complete crowd pleaser, with not just hardcore car enthusiasts and men, but also families that have fun alongside all the amazing automobiles on display.


A place to stay is something you need to get sorted before you book the tickets for the show, whether it is for a single person or family or friends or a group of car enthusiasts from your home town. The most viable options to stay near McCormick Place are Hyatt Regency and Waldorf Astoria. These are two official partner hotels of the Auto Show.

Keep in mind that both of these hotels are on the expensive side, so if you have a limited budget, you can always opt for Airbnb. Make sure to plan well ahead of the show in order to avoid unavailability of rooms. Apart from these two options, there are several affordable and luxury hotels near the venue for you to choose from. A well-planned itinerary should help you avoid disappointment.

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