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A Gambling Addiction Horror Stories that you simply got to read

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Since childhood, we have often been told that excess of anything is wrong. However, no one ever said the true definition of excess, i.e. there is no defined threshold limit of when to stop doing something.

Gambling is a game of risks and the thrill involved often lifts the adrenaline levels. As a common downside of casino games, many people come under the clutches of addiction. The uncontrollable curiosity and the urge to win the next round can often lead to the downhill ride. A very similar thing happened with someone who discussed how gambling addiction pushed him in the ditch of debt and other risks.

The Dark Side of Gambling

Joy was a middle-aged man who made enough to support the finances of his family. Things were going in his favour until he was introduced to gambling by his colleague. Though Joy had a basic knowledge about how gambling works and what are the risks involved, he chose to ignore them, and he started on a steady path of gambling, Casinos being his favourite. Joy agreed that he would have never played the game again had he lost his initial rounds, but that didn’t happen. He had a significantly good first day at the casino. He started dreaming of fulfilling all his desires using the money won from the casino, which wouldn’t be able to do through his 9 to 5 job.

Joy started investing massive amounts, and it was one of those bad days when he lost a lot of money in the casino games. However, instead of backing off, he came back and invested more and continued to play casino until he drained himself of all his savings. He even went on to ask for money from his relatives and friends as he believed that he would win one day and pay all of them back and went on to play casino. Unfortunately, the day never came. Burdened by debts and losses, Joy drained his leftover wealth and resources into alcohol and drugs and subsequently ended up in jail. However, Joy had someone who wasn’t ready to give up on him so quickly, and she was his own wife.

Joy’s wife struggled to manage some money to help him get out of jail, and she took help from her family to pay back Joy’s debts. It took more than a year for things to get back to normal for Joy. He spent about 100 days in a rehab facility which helped him get over his gambling addiction.

The story has no morals but a powerful message which says that everyone should be aware of the risks involved in gambling and it doesn’t take a lot of time for a habit of turning into an addiction. Joy was able to come out from the web, but not everyone can, and some of them pay with their dear lives. So stay safe and don’t be like Joy. Gambling is just a game and not a part of life.


Casino is widely known as the king of gambling games, but the risk of addiction involved is also very high. The horror story of Joy, whose transformation from a lively family-guy into a debt trapped gambling addict, tells the extent up to which gambling addiction can tarnish the life of someone. Though there’s always a ray of hope, it’s best to avoid gambling from becoming a part of life.

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