Hiring professional packers and movers is now easy as many entrepreneurs have launched their Uber for movers app solution in the on-demand market. It is an effective platform via which users can place their requests for a team of packers and movers whenever required. This will even help them with their last-minute moving scenario. Any entrepreneur who wants to set up a similar business has to develop and launch an optimal online app in the market. The app is the most important tool via which the business will run successfully and smoothly. So, one has to walk an extra mile to ensure that the app is optimized and attractive enough to gain customers in a short span of time.

How do the packers and movers app function?

The online app comprises an efficient working principle that will enable users to place a request with a few taps on their smartphones:

Step-1: Sign up/Sign in

Customers should sign in or register with the app using their email IDs, phone numbers, or social media accounts.

Step-2: Select a service

They should select the service they want to avail and mention the necessary details required. The search option or filter can also be used to find the preferred service.

Step-3: Access nearby packers and movers

Customers can then view the list of packers and movers available nearby and choose any one of them.

Step-4: Instant or scheduled booking

Customers can opt to book an appointment instantly or schedule their booking for a later date by specifying the required information in the app.

Step-5: Live tracking

In the next step, customers will be allowed to access the live location of movers once the request has been accepted.

Step-6: Availing service

Movers will arrive at customers’ locations and provide the intended service.

Step-7: Quick delivery

Movers will then pick up the packed goods from customers’ locations and deliver them to the destination safely.

Step-8: Payments

After a successful delivery, customers have to pay for the service they have availed. They can pay securely via any one of the payment modes available in the app.

Step-9: Review and rating
Customers have to rate movers and review the service availed in the respective section of the app.

Optimal features of an Uber for movers app:

This app has a set of advanced features that will help users globally to use the app with ease.


Under the main category of services, there are a few sub-categories that will help users choose a service of their choice.

Review profiles:

Customers can view the profiles of professionals movers before they confirm a request via the online app.

Social media login:

Users can log in or sign up with the help of their social media accounts. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., will be supported by the app.

Customized services:

Customers can customize the services based on their choice and then place a request in the app.

Multiple bookings:

Customers can place multiple service requests with the app and move multiple packages to a required destination.

Detailed digitized invoices:

Customers and professional movers will be able to view the detailed invoices via the online app.

Estimated arrival time:

Customers can view the live location of professional movers, and the approximate arrival time will also be displayed in the app.

Specific instructions:

Customers can also add any special instructions to the service providers before they place a request.

Secure payment gateways:

There are multiple secure payment gateways integrated into the app, and customers can use any one of them to pay for the service they availed.

Multiple language support:

The application can be viewed in any language of the users’ choice. Therefore, users across the world will be able to access the app.

Multiple drop points:

Customers can add multiple destinations or drop points to the app, and movers will deliver those things to their respective destinations.

Service history:

Professional movers will be able to view the list of services they have served to date via the online app.

How to develop an on-demand packers and movers app?

Once you hire an app development company, they will assist you through the entire packers and movers app development process and help you launch the app on multiple platforms.

Analyze requirements:

The business experts will analyze the business idea and help you form a set of requirements. The business model of the app will also be finalized.

Market research:

They will then analyze the market scenario and get a better understanding of the strategies that will work in the on-demand market.

Features and layout:

Up next, the set of features to be present in the app and the UI design of the app will be designed by the developers. A working prototype of the app will also be created in this stage. Any changes required can be made in this phase.

Technology stack:

The tools and frameworks required to build an app should be finalized in this stage.

App development:

The skilled developers will use the tools to develop an optimized and error-free app.

Testing the app:

The app will be tested for various parameters, such as security, performance, and more. The app should succeed in all the tests.

Launching the app:

The app will then be launched on all major platforms after obtaining proper approval.


Build an optimized on demand packers and movers app with the aforementioned features and simplified workflow. It will help you run a successful business in the market and establish your packers and movers brand in a short amount of time.