What are the PPC services?

The concept of PPC (pay-per-click) services is associated with digital marketing. It is online advertising in which advertisers pay for every click by users to visit their website.

The goal of taking these services is the same as other services of digital marketing, i.e. generating leads, promoting brand awareness, increasing revenues, etc.

An AdWords agency in Melbourne will provide pay-per-click services in all the parts of Australia, and they consist of Google AdWords experts who work using the latest techniques and keep tracking the outcomes until the target is reached.

Every user is searching for some products or services on the internet at any moment. By taking AdWords services, advertisers can show the user a targeted ad according to the keywords put by the user. One can understand this through an example. Let’s say the user searches for “back covers for smartphones,” then advertiser has the ability to show an ad that is about back covers for smartphones.

Where are the PPC ads shown?

PPC is basically a model of payment for online advertising, and thus the advertisers have many options to decide where they want to show their ads. Below are some options for where to show the ads:

Ads on search

This option is based on the keywords the user enters in the search bar while searching for any products or services or any kind of information. Search engines like Google and Bing use the PPC model. The ads are visible on the first page of the search results, so it is easy to catch the eye of the user for their specific needs.

Ads on social media

Social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are widely used for PPC marketing. An AdWords agency in Melbourne offers these services making use of Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads that have pay per click options. Users may find these ads on their newsfeeds or in a side column. This also gives the advantage of making use of information provided by the user on social media. The ads can split up into very specific information like “employed people who have recently moved to Melbourne”.

Ads on display

This option is less effective in comparison to others, but if other options are implemented very well, then advertisers can consider adding this one to gain some more. On a website, advertisers can show banner ads related to the keywords or topic of the hosting website.

Benefits of PPC services

PPC works on a strategy and thus is very effective in driving traffic to a website. It is beneficial mostly for small businesses. Below are the advantages that a brand gets with hiring professionals for online advertising:

1. Pay only for the clicks

PPC is a cost-saving measure as the advertisers have to pay only when the user clicks on their ad. PPC is basically buying visits for a website. Other advertisement models don’t offer this benefit, and also, they charge just for showing the ads.

2. Increase brand recognition

Brand recognition is another benefit that AdWords services provide. Customers generally search multiple times before making a purchase. With the remarketing tool, users will see relevant ads on other websites after visiting the advertiser’s website. It doesn’t guarantee a purchase, but at least the user gets aware of the brand.

3. Increase sales

With digital marketing through AdWords, a brand can increase its sales. When customers search for a particular product or service, and they somehow reach the ad speaking about that product, they are very likely to buy if the service meets their requirement. After the purchase, if they are happy with the product, there are high chances that they will visit the website again for other services which result in increasing the sales.

4. Cost-effectiveness

This online advertising payment model also allows the advertisers to set their budget, which makes it cost-effective. It lets them decide the maximum amount they want to spend per day, and there is not any limit to how the minimum amount they can choose. An ad can run for a few days or month as per the needs and thus, there is a control on a budget in advance.

5. Performance of the ads

The business owners have a lot of information that they collect from ads. This can help them track the outcomes they are receiving from a particular campaign. And, they can change the strategy in real-time, if they think that the ad is not working the way they want.

6. Reach the target audience

With the whole plan, the users who come under the criteria of the target audience are very likely to click. Ads can be highly segmented with the use of information from social networks and keywords, which improves the chances of click by the right user.

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