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A Quick Glance At A Few Train Tunnels Of India

Indian railways have certainly made a huge impact on people in India. People love to travel to diverse places by train. Perhaps, the finest reason that individuals take a train in India is a variety they get to explore. There is so much that you can do once you are in Indian trains. Have you ever tried to notice the tunnels that you come across while travelling by train?

Whether improving facilities, Food Delivery in Train, luxury, easy booking or anything else; you can find it all in the present-day Indian Railways. After all, it is about your train journeys. Keep on reading the post to know about the tunnels that are most popular and loved in India.

Carbide Tunnel- Maharashtra

A part of the Konkan railway route, the Karbude Tunnel is 2nd lengthiest railway tunnel in India.  The tunnel is formed along with the Konkan Coast next to Ratnagiri. The tunnel goes up to six points five kilometres. It is cuddled between Ukshi and Bhoke railway stations.  The head-to-head area of this tunnel has witnessed wonderful urbanisation because of the connectivity catered by this beautiful tunnel.

Pir Panjal Tunnel- Jammu and Kashmir

It is a popular tunnel that is also known as Banihal Railway Tunnel. The tunnel has a length of eleven point two hundred fifteen kilometres. The tunnel is believed to be Asia’s second most stretched railway tunnel. It is formed on Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas in Jammu and Kashmir.  It could also make you interested that the tunnel is to the north of Banihal Town.   It does take a duration of long nine and a half minutes for the train to go through this tunnel.   The experience of being in the tunnel while your journey is amazing.

Natuwadi Tunnel

The tunnel is a four-point three kilometres long subway kind of thing that is situated between Karanjadi and Diwan Station. This passageway is the second lengthiest tunnel on this route of Konkan railway. The tunnel was efficaciously developed in the year nineteen ninety-seven, on a stony topography. It was formed by using special imported tunnel-digging material and exclusive equipment.

Berdewadi Tunnel, Maharashtra

This Tunnel is huddled between Vilawade and Aravali.  The tunnel goes up to four kilometres. The tunnel is a part of Konkan railway route and it is crossed while travelling to Goa and the regions of Konkan. Actually, Berdewadi Tunnel is a railway tunnel that got completed in the year 1998. The entire project is situated in Maharashtra.

Tike Tunnel, Maharashtra

It is a Tunnel that expands on a length of four points zero seven-kilometre and the tunnel was built between Ratnagiri and Nivasar. The tunnel is formed upon the Sahyadri range. The landscapes that scatter once the train stops in the tunnel are stunning and striking. The tunnel was finished in the year 1998.  Ratnagiri is a wonderful port city of Maharashtra and it is a portion of spectacular Konkan coupled with Sahyadri Mountains. Ratnagiri region is adored for its diverse varieties of Mangoes and extensive green scenery.


So, do you think you have travelled through any of these tunnels? If not then you should!

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