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There is a ton load of reasons people are motivated in posting YouTube videos on Facebook. It could be awareness, for the sake of fun, for attention and for a myriad of other reasons too. Psychologists have often researched to find the real reasons why Facebook users do so and have found them as well.

Vanity measures are the topmost reasons why Facebook users share YouTube videos there along with spreading awareness and sharing knowledge. These are the very reasons why users love posting YouTube videos on their Facebook profiles.

Facebook users often share videos to start social interactions of various natures. It could be a casual humorous discussion, something serious, a debate, a heated argument, revenge and the like. Likes and comments are often attracted b videos as they have both the capacity and potential to get viral.

It is undoubtedly true that videos catch a lot of attention.

Psychological factors leading Facebook users to share YouTube videos on their profiles

Here are some psychological factors why people share YouTube videos on their Facebook profiles.

Functional stimuli

  • A user’s ability & capacity in task completion.
  • The task’s simplicity leading to its completion.

Rational stimuli

  • For the sake of self-interest (leading to a reward, incentive, status or acquisition of power).
  • The purpose of educating others present in a social circle.
  • For the sake of other achievements as well.

Emotional Stimuli

It could be:

  • Self-Identification.
  • Associating oneself with another person/group.
  • High levels of arousal & motivation.

Posting a YouTube video on Facebook

Youtube has made it quite easy for users and viewers alike to share videos across different digital and social platforms (Facebook in particular). Below all YouTube videos is an icon known as the ‘share’ icon. This icon is depicted by an arrow pointing towards the right side. Once that icon is clicked upon, a wide variety of sharing options are opened.

If users want to post a YouTube video on Facebook, they can share it with relative ease. They can do it on mobile via the Facebook and YouTube apps. To do it on a desktop or a laptop, they need to be signed in to Facebook.

How to post a YouTube Video on Facebook via a computer?

Through the following steps, users can post YouTube videos to Facebook via computer:

  • Going to YouTube.
  • Searching for the video users wish to share.
  • Selecting the video, they wish to share.
  • Once the video has been selected, they need to look for the share icon (on the right side of the video views indicator and like an arrow pointing towards the right).
  • They can then click on share.
  • A pop-up menu opens.
  • Users can then see a variety of social networks to share the video on. There, they can then select Facebook with ease.
  • If users want to change the video’s start time, they can do it by clicking on the box located at the bottom of the screen.
  • If users are already signed on to Facebook, the video will appear in the posting options instead of a log-in prompt.
  • There, they can select the video’s sharing (or posting) destination through the drop-down menu. It is present on the top of the screen (known as Share to news feed or story by default).
  • As an alternative, they can also add it to their story by checking the bubble situated at the bottom of the page.
  • Once users have selected the video’s destination, they can then click on ‘Post to Facebook’ situated on the lower right side.
  • Users can alternatively also copy the YouTube video link and paste it in their respective status bars.

How can users share a YouTube video to Facebook o mobile?

  • Users can go to YouTube on their mobile browsers or on the app.
  • They can search for the video and select it.
  • Then they can tap on the share icon.
  • They can find Facebook in the apps list once the share icon is opened.
  • Alternatively, they can also copy the video’s URL and place it inside the Facebook status bar to post it manually.
  • Then they can tap on next once Facebook is selected.
  • They can then tap to select the video’s destination.
  • Users can either decide to post it to timeline or post it to their stories or send it by a private message.
  • They can then decide where to post it.

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