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If you’ve lived in the same home for more than a few years, chances are you’ve become a little bored with the decorations. You might be interested in a new coat of paint or some changes to the layout beyond shuffling your furniture around. Deciding on a remodel or renovation for your home can not only be an exciting adventure, but a fantastic way to add some value to your home should you think of reselling. Replacing old furniture, appliances or features in your home can bring new life into a space that is sure to attract the attention of your guests and potential buyers alike.

When it comes to remodeling, though, many people tend to only focus on the big areas. The kitchen, living room, den/family room and bedrooms are the most common remodel targets, but there’s actually potential for remodeling in all areas of your home. In fact, it’s these little spaces that are often overlooked that can have the biggest impact on people entering your home. Putting a little care and some new life into areas like your entryway or bathrooms can give the people you invite over a completely different impression of your house.

The entryway of your home comes in two parts and has the biggest impact on people visiting for the first time. Your front walk/doorway is the first thing they will see when coming inside so give them something to get excited about. Try adding a splash of color with some planters or decorative vases with fresh flowers in them. Adding a quaint welcome mat to wipe their feet off of really says “this is a home” to people stepping in your door. The other half of the equation is the entryway itself. Make sure you have a plush rug or maybe a shoe mat by the door as well as a coat hanger. The little things that add convenience make the biggest impressions.

When it comes to your bathroom, try to pick a color scheme or common decorative theme when planning. The two biggest changes you can make is an upgrade to the facilities themselves and a change to the paint, rugs and shower curtains. When choosing new shower curtains, try to blend function and style when you pick out a new one. Cloth curtains look nice, but offer little in the way of protection from water. Vinyl or plastic curtains will offer good protection from water but are more easily damaged and can look tacky. Go for the best of both world and pick shower curtains with a cloth exterior and a separate plastic inner layer to keep water from splashing. You can select the best shower curtain manufacturers online by going through their reviews to decide on the best one.

Remodeling either of these spaces can fit right along the side of a larger remodeling plan, potentially using extra paint or supplies from the main job. Choosing to work on your entryway or bathroom shows your guests that you take great pride in making sure that even the details of your home stand out and shine proudly.

Many of the unique shower curtains you’ll see have interesting shapes, colors and patterns to them.  Some examples include Christmas shower curtains, ruffle styles, black and white, owl animals, Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, tree, Marimekko, octopus, zebra, damask, Paisley and others.  A great addition to your tub is the Clawfoot tub shower curtain which is a bit of a departure from the shabby chic style but still looks great in orange, white, black, blue, damask, brown and others.  Great fabrics include linen and vinyl and make a great contemporary addition to any bathroom!

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