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Statpack is a leader in the field of packaging, household, auto-care and consumer products. Our 400 plus employees within the East African region are central to our long success story. Every day, we live up to that responsibility by putting all of our passion, knowledge and experience into improving packaging through outstanding and innovative technology that puts our clients first. We dedicate our efforts to those who depend on our technology, the region over, and to a better packaging future.

Our clients are mainly from, but not limited to the East and Central African Regions. We serve various clients from many industries in sectors such as the Manufacturing, Retail, Construction, Pharmaceuticals, Converters, Food and Beverage, Cosmetic, Farming, Catering, Households and Auto-care sectors. Notwithstanding, we have many other clients from different sectors who also benefit from our packaging solutions.

Statpack is a distributor of various products from well-renowned suppliers.

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Address-North Airport Road, Embakasi,P.O. Box 22015 00400,
Nairobi, Kenya

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