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Top 3 Ways Adopting AI Is Helpful In Law Enforcement

It is not only the business that is gaining benefits from the AI-led revolution all over the world; the governments can make their job easy, too, by adopting AI. Law enforcement is the area where artificial intelligence-driven innovative technological breakthrough offers the most potential for the government.

Taking the example of UAE, the police has caught suspects with the help of AI cameras in the past year and have thus rendered Dubai a safe city to dwell in. In chin catching a criminal has become easier than ever because of digital image processing powered devices.

This article aims to elaborate on the ways in which adopting artificial intelligence helps make law enforcement relatively easier and increasingly effective.

Three ways artificial intelligence makes Law enforcement effective

AI is not something new to the world. Intelligent systems have been a topic of discussion for the past two decades. Nowadays, it is making law enforcement easier with the help of surveillance and crowd control.

It has empowered the authorities by increased accessibility of systems of facial recognition and video scanning. The primary goal of law enforcement has to be deterrence of criminal offenses and dealing with crimes so as to ensure safety in any given society. Following are the ways in which law enforcement is assisted with the help of artificial intelligence

1. Facial recognition

Chinese police officers were successful in arresting a criminal suspect from a huge crowd of people, and the only thing to thank for this capability is artificial intelligence-powered facial recognition algorithms. Spotting this person from the stadium’s crowd would otherwise have been an impossible task.

China has installed a large number of AI cameras in public spaces, which are operating on facial recognition algorithms. These cameras provide the police department with footage, which enables the authorities to monitor citizens for their own safety.

Apart from monitoring citizens in public spaces for their safety and protection, authorities in various countries are utilizing this facial recognition technology to identify missing persons as well.

2. Physical bots

The use of physical robots is also increasing in the realm of law enforcement. Modern techniques in this arena are of huge significance considering the security of human beings working as security personnel. In dangerous locations, it is safer to employ robots powered by AI to go to places where it isn’t safe for a human to go and conduct operations.

A top example of the application of robots is Dubai, where the authorities introduced a robotic officer in the year 2017. These robotic officers were primarily deployed at tourist spots in the city. These had a digital screen which allowed the visitors and tourists on the spot to report a criminal activity there and then to the authorities. The robots were capable of understanding six different languages, thus it was easier for those robots to interact with foreigners than human tour guides.

3. Spotting non-violent crimes

AI has been increasingly enabling the policing departments in various countries in crime detection and prevention. Ai does so by identifying patterns, analyzing them, and predicting the kind and location of the next crime in a town. The kind of crimes that are easy to detect with the help of AI includes credit card thefts and expense account frauds.

These are non-violent crimes that machines can spot very quickly when the pattern of usage of a credit card or account transaction changes abruptly.

Future of Law enforcement and AI 

Data is the fuel on which artificial intelligence runs. Thus the results of AI-powered analyses and decisions that the machine makes on the basis of those analyses and computations may not be logical for human beings. That’s the downside of using AI to reduce the amount of human effort.

But this downside doesn’t mean that AI doesn’t have the potential of making law enforcement easier than ever before for the authorities. The manifestation of modern capabilities of machines at artificial intelligence exhibition is evidently helpful in making societies safer than ever before.

From face recognition, image enhancement, and using physical robots to reducing the amount of effort, thought process, and human resources to be employed, AI is making its mark by proving its widespread benefits. You must attend AI-related events around you to gain more exposure to the subject!

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