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Proper air purifier maintenance makes sure that the investment you have made in your family’s health is well protected. Maintenance on a regular basis will keep your unit running at optimal performance levels and will extend its overall lifespan.

Plus, proper and timely maintenance causes your air purifier to run more efficiently which will keep energy costs down. And as if that isn’t reason enough, did you know that maintenance and cleaning will lower your unit’s noise level because air will not have to pass through restrictions? The best part is that air purifier maintenance is relatively simple and easy to execute.

Different types of air purification units have varying maintenance needs, so it is a nice idea to familiarize yourself with your particular unit’s requirements by reading the Owner’s Manual. Mark maintenance schedules on your calendar, so that you don’t forget to perform any routine maintenance tasks.

The following tips are an air purifier maintenance guide that will definitely keep your unit in tip-top shape, year after year:

1. Keep the area around your air purifier clean

Dust bunnies and other dirt particles mean unnecessary work for the air purifier. After all, you can easily clear up dust bunnies. And this allows the air purifier to work on unseen allergens that you can’t “catch.”

2. Inspect exterior panels and grills for dust buildup

After ensuring that the unit is unplugged, vacuum these areas, or clean them with a dust cloth. And, kindly make sure to follow the manufacturer’s specific cleaning instructions.

3. Monitor your filters

Clogged filters will keep your air purification unit from effectively purifying the air, and will cause your unit to overwork itself, thereby decreasing its lifespan. And for units that have filter change indicator lights, always change filters whenever indicator lights say to change them. Or, kindly follow your air purifier filter maintenance schedule. Remember that even if there is no visible buildup, stick to your air purifier filter maintenance schedule; and there may be buildup that you can’t see with the naked eye.

4. Clean washable pre-filters regularly

This will extend the life of inner filters and saves you money. And kindly make sure the filter is completely dry before putting it back in the unit.

5. Give your air purifier room to “breathe

In order to function properly, make sure that your air purifier has enough space all around for proper air intake and release.

With regular maintenance, your air purifier will reward you with years of fresh and pure air. Regular maintenance will also ensure that your unit runs at peak performance with minimal power consumption. Whether you are preparing to purchase a new air purifier or you’ve had one for a while, now is the best time to get on track with maintenance tasks that will help keep you and your family breath better.

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