Sexually Transmitted Diseases are a root cause of several health problems such as cancer, blindness, infertility, organ damage, etc. It is extremely important to treat STDs right at the onset. In order to diagnose different sexually transmitted diseases, STD tests are done.

A lot of people do not demonstrate any symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. Also, there are a lot of stigmas attached to STDs, so this is the reason people refrain from getting tests such as Chlamydia test.

Who Needs To Get Tests For STIs?

In case a person is sexually active, it is vital to get tested for sexually transmitted infections. This holds all the more relevance in case you are starting a new relationship in life. Chances of sexually transmitted diseases amplify in case your partner does not use a condom or if at all he/ she has multiple partners.

In case you have symptoms of STI, it is vital to get tested for diseases such as Chlamydia, hepatitis B, gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis, etc. There is no need to feel shy about getting tested. Getting tested is also important in case you are planning to get pregnant. STIs can have an extremely bad effect on the fetus and can even jeopardize your chances of becoming pregnant. Ask your doctor if at all you feel that there is something wrong.

Testing for STDs

Most of the sexually transmitted diseases can be tested by using the urine or the blood samples of a person. Some STIs, like herpes and genital warts, are diagnosed via a combination of physical examination and some other kinds of tests. The doctor usually carries out an internal exam to look for bumps, sores and other signs of the disease.