Botox is today the most demanded cosmetic treatment. Their reasons are clear: the “risk-benefit ratio” always opts for the benefit side. Dr. Mª Jesús García-Dihinx explains what these benefits of botulinum toxin are.

My experience with Botox dates back to 20 years and I have treated hundreds and hundreds of patients, hence my conclusions are truthful, objective, sensible and not at all biased. That is why I can draw conclusions from the hand of either side of Botox, its advantages and disadvantages.

Cosmetic surgery is, surely, the medical specialty with more intrusion, and Botox or botulinum toxin is one of the treatments that are most practiced outside the law.

Like all medical and / or surgical treatment, complications are linked to several factors. Those linked to a bad praxis and a bad indication: their knowledge, biology, pharmacodynamics, tissue interaction, dose, points of application, type of toxin, purity, dilution technique, anatomical study of the muscles to be treated, postoperative management and a Endless details contribute to the result from optimal to the presence of complications. Luckily, unwanted results are reversible. This is its great advantage.

The advantages of botulinum toxin

  • Fast execution: In just 5 minutes, the upper third of the face is treated.
  • Absence of work leave: It is claimed that it is the treatment of lunch. Many patients do so without any notoriety during their rest time.
  • Reduced cost: To the extent that there is no hospital admission, its cost is, at least, acceptable.
  • Absence of post-treatment stigmas: Rarely there are bruises, there is hardly any inflammation or redness.
  • Outpatient treatment: Since it is done in the consultation itself.
  • Painless: Only a little cryotherapy or local cold application combined with a topical anesthetic cream is required.
  • It can be applied on a fork ages: Between 30 to 65 years.
  • Safe method: As long as it is done by a plastic surgeon, the best connoisseur of facial anatomy.
  • It gives life and sweetens the look: Against the social stigmatization that Botox leaves a rigid and scared expression.
  • Improve “migraines”
  • Highly effective in the treatment of hypersudoration .

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The inconveniences of Botox

  • Its effect is not immediate: It takes 3 days to establish and the maximum effect is reached around the 20th day after treatment.
  • It does not serve as an “impulse treatment.”
  • There may be asymmetries of great notoriety.
  • Effects may vary by brands and manufacturers.
  • The patient must give up certain habits: Solar baths, facial massages and certain sports can change the course of the effects of Botox.
  • The great offers of beauty centers, with false degrees, lead to an unwanted effect not to mention complications.
  • Do not get carried away by the “low cost”: The low cost almost always hides the placement of units down.
  • Its application is not universal: It only works for wrinkles that have muscle contraction as their origin. It does not work for gravitational wrinkles.
  • The results are reversible: Therefore, if a lasting result is chosen, recurrent treatments are required.
  • It requires a deep knowledge of the facial anatomy: An injection at 2 mm. Distance between one point and another has devastating effects. Thus, for example, an injection in the outer margin of the eyelids to treat the “crow’s feet” should be placed superficially. However, if it is placed deeper and only 6 mm. below, it can cause a very striking decrease of the oral commissure.
  • Botulinum toxin has a radius of action of 2 cms: Hence, due to the proximity of vital structures, its effects can reach ‘beyond those desired’. Circumstance this to consider.
  • It is said that it creates addiction: It is like a lasting love relationship, therefore, it is not so much an inconvenience but a joy, since it is re-engaged in a treatment that produces great benefits.
  • May cause eyebrows: Generally due to poor technique.

I want to verify a repetitive fact in the consultation: comparing the result, the duration and the cost of the treatment without having data on the type of toxin, brand, injection points and, above all, units to place absolutely never serves as a reference. You cannot compare the results of one patient with another without having comprehensive data on how the treatment was performed.

Finally, I would like to state that I am a Botox enthusiast, I am inclined to his recommendation since its results are superimposable to the most invasive surgery, but always in the hands of a doctor who offers the adequate training guarantees.