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Hydronic Heating

A lot of us talk about the need to change our attitude towards the environment. Addressing issues about global warming and the perishing of natural resources like coal and wood, alternatives for essentials like heating and cooling is much sought for. One such system is the hydronic heating system that not only saves up on your electricity bill but also helps you contribute your share to the betterment of the environment. Hydronic heating use water to transfer heat. Water is one of the most effective materials to transfer heat.

What is the mechanism behind the hydronic heating system?

As the name suggests, the hydronic heating system utilizes the power of water (hydro) to heat space. The whole system is simple and quiet and so much more efficient than other means of heating, like the furnace and room heaters. It heats the individual areas of the building, thus saving money and the environment.

Hydronic heating uses radiated heat and naturally convected heat. It does not use noisy fans or forced air movement. While one may argue that wooden fireplaces are aesthetically pleasing and for some instances, the smell of burning wood along with the cackle might soothe the poet into reciting their heartfelt verse. But when it comes to economic reasons, burning wood throughout the months of winter is not feasible. The hydronic heating system will be at your rescue then. The working is simple; the system utilizes the heat of water steam which is passed through pipes lining the floor of the room. This heat then gets transferred to the entire room via the process of radiation.  You can heat your swimming pool via the hydronic heating system. Interesting isn’t it?

Benefits of using a hydronic heating system

While being aware of the environment is a plus, the hydronic heating system addresses many health and comfort issues too which makes them an all-rounder in the world of heating and cooling. Here are 6 of their major benefits:

Hydronic Heating
Hydronic Heating
  • Efficient – one of the first things that a person looks for when investing in any electronic system is efficiency. You will not want a hefty bill at the end of the month. While winter sees the least consumption of electricity, the heating system has to be efficient enough to not deviate too much. The hydronic heating system address this issue. Water is used to transfer the heat and water being a great conductor of heat it takes less electricity and energy to be heated. Boilers have high efficiency, and some boilers work as your instantaneous hot water system; this will further cut the initial build cost.
  • Uniform heating – since the process of heating is radiation, you can be assured that every corner of your room will be evenly heated. Radiation is a process where heat is transferred from one particle to another without the particle moving. This makes the hydronic heating system quieter and faster.
  • No dust particles – since the radiation process is followed, the air does not get disturbed with the heating, unlike forced-air heating. This makes dust particles and allergens to not enter to room. Thus, if you or your loved one is suffering from any respiratory disorders, the hydronic heating system is ideal for you.
  • Cost-effective – water takes up less time and energy to be converted to steam, the coils are installed beneath the floor or in the ceiling and that is the only thing you require. Once the room is heated, it stays that way for a long time. Thus, you can save about 20% on your electricity.
  • Safe and Clean – the whole system is hidden in the floor or the ceiling making accidental contact with the heated coils impossible. Also, the system does not have any way to suddenly send waves of hot air in a particular direction., this uniform heating and hidden coils make the hydronic heating system safe and clean.
  • Versatile – you do not need to worry about customized heating in a specific room of your house when you have installed the hydronic heating system. You can choose which room or areas to heat and how much.

Get the hydronic heating to enjoy your winters without fretting about electricity consumption or finding the room became cooler, faster. You can rely on the efficiency of the system to take care of your home and the ecosystem.

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