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The MOT test is necessary to pass if you wish to drive your car on the roads of the UK. Not possessing an MOT test passing certificate is illegal and you may have to pay a hefty fine for that.

What is an MOT test?

An annual vehicle test which checks the roadworthiness of your vehicle. Various components of the car are checked to ensure that it is safe to drive and is not harmful to the environment. Every vehicle that is 3 years or older should pass the test. You can get the MOT Nuneaton test done at a certified test centre.

In May 2018, the MOT rules were modified and you should know what changes have taken place so far.

Changes in the defect categories

The faulty cars during the MOT test are now categorised as:

Dangerous, which leads to a failure in the test

Major, also a fail

Minor, pass

Rules for the Diesel cars got strict

A vehicle fitted with a Diesel particulate filter should not emit any kind of smoke. If it does, the test will result in an automatic fail. If the tester finds evidence of tampering with the DPF, then also you will fail the test.

No MOT for selected vehicles over 40 years

With the introduction of new rules, some vehicles that have crossed 40 years will not need to appear for the MOT Tests. The vehicles which have gone through technical changes in their main components are exempted from this category. The main components, excluding the motorcycles, are:

Axles and running gear: If there is a substantial change in the method or type of suspension and steering.

Engine: The difference between the engine cylinders from the original one can be considered a major change and may lead to a fail.

New items to be tested

Various new items have been added to the list of components checked during an MOT test. These are:

  • Contaminated brake fluid
  • Underinflation of tyres
  • Brake pad warning lights are ON and missing of brake pad discs
  • Leaking of fluid. This will be considered as an environmental contamination issue
  • Headlight washers on vehicles first used from September 1, 2009
  • Reversing lights should function well

What do the new categories signify?

Dangerous: Vehicles falling into this category have major faults and are a threat to the environment and the road. Such vehicles automatically fail the MOT test. They need to be fixed immediately and the owner can not drive the car unless the faults are fixed.

Major: Cars with the major defects fail the test and the repairs need to be done before you take the vehicle with you.

Minor: The vehicles having minor faults pass the test. They are allowed to take the vehicle with them and are advised to get the minor faults repaired at a later date.

Now that you are aware of the changes made in the MOT test, it is advised that you prepare your vehicle accordingly.

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