Pre finished hardwood flooring has become quite popular these days. It is solid flooring that is already sealed, sanded, and ready to nail into place. Once you install this flooring, all you have to do is to sweep up, and you are ready to go. In general, unfinished and pre finished flooring are installed the same way, but both give or take a few minor differences. With pre finished hardwood flooring, installers have to take more care because any scratches and dents are virtually non-repairable. This is why it is important to choose the right flooring installer when you want to install it in your home or office.

Pre finished Hardwood Floors come with plenty of advantages. However, if you are choosing engineered hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, or something similar, these advantages do not apply to the options you are selecting. On the other hand, if you are choosing non engineered products, then these advantages are worth considering because they can save you installation time and cost as well.
Check out some amazing advantages of Pre finished Hardwood Floors below:

They are highly durable: When professionals apply a finish treatment to the hardwood floors, they use a robust chemical sealer that is not available to installers who operate on-site. With pre finished flooring, your manufacturer will offer flooring that come with a warranty of 25 years or more. These warranties come with protection against defects in the materials and the finish processes used to create the planks in the first place.

The installation process is simple: Installing pre finished flooring is highly easy and simple. It provides time savings because there is no need to go through the process of sanding as well as staining the material once you have the floor. When sanding unfinished hardwood floors, the entire room fills with sawdust that must be cleaned to avoid breathing problems in the future. Also, it takes several hours for the finishes on the flooring to dry between each coat. Thanks to pre finished, you are free from all these hassles.

Maintenance is easy: As pre finished offers a surface seal which is stronger and durable, the maintenance chores are reduced as compared to engineered products or other flooring alternatives. This choice is more impervious to stains, moisture damage, and discoloration issues that can spoil the visual appeal of other floors. When you choose this pre-finished flooring, there are fewer issues with mess, time investment, and expenses when compared to the other available options.

You can refinish if you want: Although there are so many advantages that eliminate the need to finish or refinish it in the future, you still have the choice to change the look if you want even after installation.

You can use the flooring right aware after the installation: Once the installation is completed, the surface is ready to use right away. Unlike other type of flooring, you can walk on the new floor as soon as they are in place. There is no need to wait for the place to dry. Because everything is done at the factory, you can use it right after once the installation work is complete.

Hopefully, you like all these advantages of Pre finished Hardwood Floors. Now, if you are interested in installing these hardwood flooring materials, all you have to do is to approach a reliable company that offers high-quality flooring material along with installation services at low prices.