Do you have an Amazon Dash Button? I do. And it was one of my favorite things. I even had the one for Doritos. But as all good things go, this too couldn’t last forever. When Amazon announced that they would be discontinuing the dash buttons, that was sad. The popular Dash buttons service is no longer going to be available after August 31st.

So all your existing buttons will now become useless. Perhaps not enough people were using their existing buttons. I wish it didn’t have to be this way. I wish everyone had a dash button. Imagine renewing your Cox deals with a dash button!

What’s a Dash Button?
Dash buttons were introduced in the first quarter of 2015. The idea behind them was to order from Amazon as efficiently as possible. So every time you pressed a button, your Amazon account placed the order. It was so convenient. The button price was set at a reasonable $5 per button. But you could only have one button order one thing. It could be Doritos, or Tide, or even Dude (a flushable toilet wipe, for men). Later in 2016 Amazon realized that some people had started to reprogram that button to order things like Pizza.

So naturally, Amazon started to offer an IoT Dash button. This was slightly more expensive but was easily programmable. So you didn’t have to ‘hack’ and repurpose another button.

Why Did Amazon Discontinue the Dash Buttons?
The person responsible for the Dash buttons, Daniel Rausch, said that the purpose they were created for was completed. And the purpose was not what you might think. Contrary to popular belief, the Dash buttons were not created for people to use Amazon more. Although that might have been a happy coincidence.

Apparently, the buttons were made to encourage more IoT devices in our homes. Rausch said in an interview with CNET, “Dash button was an awesome stepping stone into the world of connected home”. He continued to say Amazon never wanted you to have a lot of buttons in your homes. Instead they “imagined a future where the home was taking care of itself, including replenishing everyday items that customers would rather not worry about”.

That was a tall order for such tiny buttons. But according to Rausch, the tiny little buddies did just that. They promoted the concept of smart appliances and IoT devices in the household. And with the advancement of technology like Alexa, they were becoming obsolete. But at the time of discontinuation, Amazon promised to keep the service running for existing dash button users.

A Tribute to the Buttons – They Served Us Well
Of course, all things must end, eventually. So if Amazon is to revoke our Dash buttons from us, let’s pay them a tribute before they go. Here is a list of the most popular Dash buttons that we won’t be able to use after August 31st:

Trojan Condoms
Sure, we all got them when they came out. But let’s be honest. Apart from seeing them on our nightstand and making ourselves feel better, what good were they? How many of us really needed to get Trojan Dash buttons?

Undeniably one of the most used buttons Amazon ever made. Parents everywhere would have placed at least three or four around the house. Those of us who have never had to change a diaper will never know the struggles.

Red Bull
Energy! Those of us who are connoisseurs of gaming will know the need for the Red Bull Dash button. How often have we been about to start a gaming marathon and realized there isn’t enough Red Bull. Good old pal, you will be missed.

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers
Surely you will be missed Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers Dash button.

Kraft Mac & Cheese
You can judge us all you want, but Kraft Mac & Cheese made the list of Amazon’s most popular.

Amazon Dash buttons were shipped out in the millions. They were a tremendously convenient way to order. But with the advancement in technology like Alexa, physical buttons are becoming obsolete. So if you want to, play with your Amazon Dash buttons for the last time, do it before August 31st. After that, your Dash buttons will no longer be in service.