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Amer Parekh

There has been tremendous progress in every field. We have long been moved out of the Stone Age and have entered the new era of highly sophisticated supercomputers. We as humans have always evolved and changed ourselves for the better. While every field contributes to shaping the society in one way or another, when it comes to improving the infrastructure, hence, changing the course of history, civil engineering has stood itself out from the others. Going back to the Stone Age when there was no existence of any field of education; man started making his way through the woods hunting down the wild animals. Of course, he was more concerned about his survival back than anything else. As time changed, the focus got shifted from survival and getting himself guarded against the sudden attack of the wild animals to having better life conditions.

Amer Parekh

As the man grew stronger and started developing handmade weapons, he started inventing new ways of hunting wild animals so much that on one fine day; wild animals no longer remained a potential threat to his life, he started ruling over them instead. Gradually, the man moved out of the woods and started setting human colonies. As a result, the natural habitat of the animals posed a great threat. Trees cut down hurriedly to meet his changing needs. Setting up the colonies and living in them was not at all easy in the beginning. Due to zero experience of living in a society, he started thinking of some ways to put everything in order from sewage to the transport system. This is why as per the leading civil engineers in Canada such as Amer; it was the first step towards thinking beyond the survival of the tribes.

Once the man understood the idea of being social, he started coming out with many ideas having the potential to solve the problems that were the most basic, hence important. One of these was the inconveniences while traveling and moving from one place to another. As necessity is the mother of all inventions, he did find many ways to have comparatively easy and less time-consuming processes of traveling.

Due to the gradual spread of different fields of learning, one special field was dedicated to all the activities that lead to better infrastructure facilities such as roads, transports, buildings and power supplies. Hence, all the functioning that leads to the development of a country by improving the conditions of society to make sure that it must work in order without compromising any chaos. This field of education was called civil engineering and the professionals concerned were known as civil engineers. “If it were not for these professionals, we would have never had the world we live in. The world we live in is more developed than it was ever before,” says Amer Parekh, Canada based civil engineer.

Amer Parekh

As the world has truly become a global village, we have the most developed transported systems across the globe. More flyovers are under construction to meet the demands of the worldwide population. The bridges in the present times meet the standards and quality parameters so that any untoward incidents can be avoided.

While it is true that civil engineers across the globe are working sincerely to bring advancements in civil engineering, there is still to be achieved and conquered. The increasing population is the one culprit that is coming in the way of civil engineering feats. Due to it, there is a continuous demand for better civil engineering infrastructures that can support more people without posing a threat to their lives.

Conclusion: Man has evolved from the Stone Age to the present times where he has better infrastructure and transportation facilities. The present-day transporting facilities are the results of the advancements in the civil engineering feats such as better flyovers, bridges, and roads. The professionals concerned are indeed civil engineers without whom we would never have the society we have. “If it were not for these professionals, we would have never had the world we live in,” Amer Parekh.


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