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To upgrade the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, you may have attempted many things. Some people spend loads (and loads) of money on enhancing the looks and various other features of a car. Few others may resort to more affordable alternatives to give their car a fresh look.

Many people opt to get their wheels refurbished. Old alloy wheels UK may give the vehicle an overall tired look from the outside. To attempt refurbishing your wheels, you need to do the following things:

Put on a protective piece of clothing

Have gloves handy

A clear coat



Materials for cleaning

Coloured paint

Masking Tape

Tools to remove wheels

Steps You Should Follow To Refurbish The Wheels

Although this is not a very difficult task to undertake, you need to make sure that you have all things in one place and adequate space to paint the wheels.

Step 1: Remove the Wheels

The ideal way to refurbish is to detach the wheel from the vehicle. This ensures a better finish as you could move the individual wheel around. Remove the Soleil alloy wheels from the tyre.

Step 2: Clean the Wheels

This is one of the most underrated yet important steps in the entire process. A dirty car wheel will provide a dirty base for the paint. Cleaning involves removing the dirt chunks from the tyre. This could be done with the help of a wooden chopstick and some warm soapy water. Brake dust is the trickiest to remove, however, the road dirt gets removed easily. A special cleaning fluid is used to remove the brake dust.

Step 3: Mask the Tyre

Post cleaning the wheel, it needs to be completely dried to let the masking tape stick on the tyre. The objective of this step is to mask the tyre so that only the alloy part is visible. This prevents any paint or primer to get on to the tyre and enables a clean finish.

Step 4: Sand

The selection of sandpaper should be considering the abrasiveness of its surface. In case the wheel is corroded, you would require coarse sandpaper to start with. Otherwise, to smoothen the surface and prepare it for fillers, lighter sandpaper can be used.

Step 5: Fill

A special body filler is used to smoothen the surface and get a professional finish. The filler, as per its instructions, would require an adequate amount of time to be given to dry completely. Now, you could wipe the surface with a dry cloth to remove any kind of remaining residue.

Step 6: Primer

The wheels are washed and dried again to prime them before painting them. Make sure there is no dust, as it will make the primer finish unsatisfactory. The can of primer should be shaken well before use and not be used too close to the wheel. Spray on to the wheel evenly in thin coats for a smoother finish.

Step 7: Paint

After the primer has dried, apply the paint of your choice on the wheel.

Step 8: Coat

A wheel sealant creates a hard protective layer over the painted wheel for protection from the environment.

Step 9: Finish

Now, you can place the wheels back on and flaunt the brand new look of your car.

At Wheels UK, the experts would help you with the process, and also provide you with necessary tools along with other products for your use.

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