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Facebook since a long time has been dependent on procedures to select news stories for their users to view. Though much recently the Social Network giant Facebook is working precisely in this manner where they rely on something else for the specific task. As they specifically intend/plan to hire a set of the editorial team to operate the news initiatives called the “News Tab” which is considered its former venture into the world of publishing.

The company also came forth to state about it that journalists would aid to curate News Tab in a new section within the company’s mobile application being the essential reason to create an app that would surface the trending most premiering and related stories for the readers. Facebook even informed that they plan to hire a set of seasoned journalists from several outlets for the designated position and they would also post these jobs on their employment board.

The feature of establishing the “News Tab” is the company’s effort so that real-time journalism and news can be highlighted. This feature will exist outside of the News Feed in order to continue the never-ending streaming of status updates and friend requests. Facebook aims via News Tab to offer a highly personalized experience for its audience. A spoke person much recently also said that “To start, for the Top News section of the tab we’re pulling together a small team of journalists to ensure we’re highlighting the right stories.”

Facebook in the former years has undergone extreme pressure especially when it comes to spreading misguiding information to millions of its users that reside on a global scale. A prime example would be of an occurrence in the year 2016 when Russian operatives falsely influenced and manipulated news stories throughout its network to stimulate the recent outcome of the presidential election that took place in America.

Facebook made it to the recent highlights based on the fact that it was exposed that China was behind the Facebook groups and pages that were planting disinformation in regards to the protests being held in Hong Kong. Due to all these events, Facebook is taking drastic measures to re-establish its reputation in a manner that the audience can once again confide and trust the sources of the information displayed by Facebook.

Facebook is taking measures such as hiring security researches and third-part content reviewers so that the problematic encounter of the proliferation of bad content can be eliminated. While even simultaneously the founder and CE (Chief Executive) of Facebook has overhauled the News Feed feature to focus at least on news marketers and publishers and rather more towards personal dealings to emphasis the news.

Facebook is consistently is pitching News Tab to publishers to create an app where it is intended and hoped to attract content-sharing deals. Where the company is licensed to display articles from the partner from within its mobile app. Facebook has also confirmed that they are willing to pay a large sum to a few of them but not to every publishing partner who will access their contents which was made clear in the people briefed company’s plans.

The other tech giants have also featured the front pages of several online news publishing platforms adding a new aspect with an element of additional human curation. To this point that even Apple has been seen to have hired traditional journalists into their team to edit and curate Apple News as a subscription of news app. LinkedIn another huge emerging tech giant has hired journalists to work as in-house editorials producers in their team.

The Facebook’s News Tab is certain to entice the ire of critics throughout the political spectrum from which many are those who believe that the social networks operate in a manner to unfairly favor a few political parties and their viewpoints over the remaining rest. Via an investigation carried out by a Times it came forth that the claims made were indeed found to be widely unsubstantiated.

Facebook much recently also released its results of a yearlong audit that was carried out on their platform that specifically was conducted to look into the claims made on the conservative bias across Facebook. The audit projected that there was no evidence found of bias substantial as per instituted by the former Republican Senator Jon Kyl. Based on this finding criticism spread out calling it a “Smokescreen”.

Facebook has openly stated that it hopes and is working efficiently to release a test for the feature “News Tab” apparently by the end of this year.

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