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Are you a business owner trying to create a mobile app this year? Then you would like all the insights you’ll be able to get about the key trends in mobile development. We’ve antecedently lined the foremost vital iOS trends for 2020. Currently it’s time to require a glance at humanoid development trends for 2020. If you’re reaching to produce a digital product for the android platform, we’ve got you lined. Read on to find the foremost necessary trends in android development that are about to explode this year. Moreover, if you’re student and also an app developer too and finding your academic work difficulty because of your job, don’t worry. You can hire Essay Help services to get your work done before the deadlines. Otherwise, app developers are perpetually performing on new ways to alter and shorten the development method on one hand and build the simplest styles and user experience on the other. Every year we are able to see the continued emergence of latest, up-to-date techniques and tools in mobile apps development. Here I present the trends which will provide you with a stronger insight into what should get on high in year 2020.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – and its set Machine learning (ML) – refers to a group of programming techniques that enable apps to automatically learn and improve from experience while not being programmed to do so explicitly. Although, this approach comes in handy for apps that use unstructured information (such as pictures and text) or solve issues that embrace an oversized variety of parameters. For instance, apps that predict what customers would really like to check or purchase next. Luckily, android supports a good vary of ML tools and strategies, therefore implementing this sort of newest functionality is less complicated than you may expect. Once developing an ML app for android, the development team has to style a product, implement logical thinking algorithms, and deploy the present ML models, retrain them, or build new ones. Google made two guides to assist businesses achieve building AI-powered apps: the folks + AI guide and therefore the Material style for Machine Learning specification, which has style tips and patterns for ML-powered presents such as object detection or barcode scanning.

Navigation Component

Navigation refers to all or any of the interactions that permit moving around totally different sections and items of content inside your app. android Jetpack comes with a handy Navigation element that helps developers to implement navigation, whether it’s a straightforward button click or a more complicated pattern sort of a navigation drawer. Another advantage of the Navigation element is that it additionally ensures a standardized and predictable user experience since developers who implement it’ll follow established navigation principles.

The Navigation element consists of 3 parts:

  • Navigation graph: an XML resource that has all of the navigation-related data in a very single location (like individual content areas known as destinations and possible ways users can take through the app).
  • NavHost: a void container that displays all the destinations in your navigation graph.
  • NavController: an object that manages the app navigation inside a NavHost.

The Navigation element additionally permits developers to handle fragment transactions, manage the Up and Back actions properly by default, and implement deep linking. It additionally provides standardized resources for animations and transitions, also as navigation UI patterns.

Google Assistant/Chatbots

In 2020, a lot of business owners are going to be curious about integrating the content and services of their apps with the Google Assistant. The major perk of investing in this kind of integration is that you simply can offer quicker ways for users to access your app directly within the Assistant. By using App Actions, you’ll be able to deep link to specific activities within your mobile application from the Google Assistant. Another feature, android Slices, permits developers to show the foremost vital content from your app to the users to the Assistant. With the numbers of Google Assistant users on the increase, integrating mobile apps with this well-liked virtual assistant can become a key goal among several development groups.

Kotlin multiplatform

Kotlin currently offers developers a new exciting feature: multiplatform projects (which will function a replacement for Flutter). It’s still an experimental feature accessible in Kotlin 1.2 and 1.3, however we expect it’s about to become extremely huge in 2020. Sharing code between platforms are some things Kotlin aspires to. It supports systems and technologies like android, iOS, JVM, JavaScript, Linux, Windows, Mac, and embedded systems like STM32. Development groups will simply share their code between these platforms. That way, it accelerates the development method and saves a lot of time the team will dedicate to more difficult tasks. By using multiplatform, developers will build elements that share the maximum amount code as needed with others. They’ll additionally access the platform APIs anytime. For instance, by using this feature, you’ll be able to build a mobile application with elements of the code (like business logic or connectivity) shared between android and iOS. You’ll additionally share code between the consumer and server that comes in handy when building apps the use APIs. Code recycle could be a serious profit. That’s why we’re getting to see a lot of and more groups taking advantage of Kotlin for mobile app development.


Another key trend in android development are going to be the implementations of the net of Things (IoT). Within the android world, this trend interprets into android Things that permits developers to create devices on top of in style hardware platforms like Raspberry Pi. Developers don’t want any information of embedded system style to get started. Instead, they’ll develop apps using the android SDK and android Studio. The framework grants simple native access to hardware, similar to cameras and displays. You’ll conjointly connect your app to Google services and integrate additional peripherals with the Peripheral I/O APIs. The android Things Console additionally helps groups to push new features and security updates over-the-air. Once your app is prepared, you’ll begin publishing your code to devices with the assistance of the android Things Console. It offers tools for putting in and change the system image on supported hardware devices.


MotionLayout could be a kind of layout that developers will use to manage motion and convenience animation in their apps. The tool is an element of the ConstraintLayout library and is backward-compatible with android 4.0. With the library, the team will simply fill the gap between layout transitions and complicated motion handling as the tool offers an upscale choice of features. MotionLayout not solely describes transitions between layouts however additionally permits animating any layout properties. It conjointly supports seekable transitions, enabling developers to instantly show any purpose inside the transition on the premise of a condition like touch input.

Android Instant Apps

In 2020, we’re additionally aiming to witness the increase of android Instant Apps. What are instant apps? Instant apps are apps that don’t need installation to be utilized by app users. Google Play Instant permits native apps and games to launch on devices while not being put in (they need to run on android 5.0 or newer). Developers will build instant apps and instant games using android Studio. By providing an instant experience to app users, you’ll be able to boost your app or game’s discovery, increase the amount of installations, and acquire a lot of active users. Eventually, these android development technology trends are simply the tip of the iceberg within the perpetually evolving mobile scene. Although, in the current time many individuals are making their interests in computer programming field, and many individuals are program developers and studying further. Because of their job, many individuals aren’t able to do their academic assignments and other paperwork, no worries. You can use Essay Help services to shape up your work before the due date in an acceptable manner.

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