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For some time now, I have also equipped part of my Smart Home with Apple HomeKit. I have several devices from Aqara Systems in use. I currently use the Aqara wireless switch, the Aqara temperature humidity sensor, and the Aqara motion sensor. A nice overview of available and usable Apple HomeKit devices in Switzerland can be found here.

I’ll pass on my experiences with the Aqara wireless switch and Aqara temperature humidity sensor to you here:

Aqara Systems

The Aqara wireless switch and Aqara temperature humidity sensor are both visually very different from the previous Aqara products. They come in the new design and represent the new Aqara range, which I also like much better. The Aqara wireless switch is actually nothing more than a simple button, which can be connected to Apple’s HomeKit system. The Apple TV, an iPad or the new Apple HomePod serve as the center for HomeKit.


The setup of Aqara device is very fast and completely self-explanatory. Simply activate the device by pressing a button or pulling strips out of the battery compartment and then add a new device with the Apple Home App. You can simply photograph the HomeKit glue, the device is recognized and the Aqara device is ready. Now you can put down functions and integrate them accordingly.

aqara wireless switch

Test: Aqara wireless switch

The Aqara wireless switch now actually serves as a simple remote control for linked devices in the Apple HomeKit universe. The switch has a print area and can recognize three different print patterns. These are “press once”, “press twice” and a “long press”. These triggers can then be attached to different scenes or rules, here you are actually free.

Of course, I also integrated my Philips Hue environment into HomeKit and can now switch light with the switch. That alone is not super fancy, but I can also store different scenes. As an idea, for example, to use the switch in the living room and to program three light scenes. One for example for home cinema and I only have to dig up the Apple TV Remote and the Aqara wireless switch. Actually quite cool. The combination with Aqara Aqua is also ideal, of course, so you could simply switch on the garden irrigation with the button, here you can also pretend that it only runs for 15 minutes and then turns it off again yourself.


Test: Aqara temperature humidity sensor

The second device in the test is a small weather station: Aqara temperature humidity sensor monitors temperature, humidity and air pressure. The data is transmitted to HomeKit and shown on the display. On the back is a battery compartment with a CR2450 button cell, supposed to last a year. Optically as already mentioned very nice, thanks to the notch on the back Aqara temperature humidity sensor can be easily hung on a nail on the wall. Important to mention is that Aqara temperature humidity sensor can also be used outside, at least in the covered area.

I used Aqara temperature humidity sensor in one room, but it was also important for me to be able to record the temperature in this hot summer. Aqara temperature humidity sensor is perfect for this, of course, and you can also link automatisms to it. For example, switch on a switchable power socket if the temperature gets too high. An air conditioning system would then be connected to this socket, for example. Here, as also with the Aqara wireless switch, it is recommended to use the Aqara App, as it is much more extensive and powerful than the HOme App by Apple itself. With Aqara temperature humidity sensor you can’t regulate anything in the Home App per se anyway. In the Home App only current values are visible, in the Aqara App I can retrieve historical data and plot graphs with it, I find ingenious.


Aqara wireless switch and Aqara temperature humidity sensor are two optically very beautiful and functionally flawless products, which I can highly recommend. The only drawback is the somewhat high price, but if you look at other Smart Home systems for comparison, this is also relativized. So if you want to switch a dehumidifier or air conditioner, Aqara temperature humidity sensor is the right choice. If you just want to switch on the light, Aqara wireless switch is a bit too much, it’s more suitable for whole scenes.

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