Yes, there is no such authentic evidence that genetically modified foods are dangerous to eat.

People who have knowledge about food think there might be a risk due to genetically modified food, but it’s not true, we need to understand what GM food is?

Genetically modified organisms are the process in which scientists change the genes of plants and animals.

There are two kinds of people, one is in favor, and others are against it. Those who against they think GMOs are bad for their health, those in favor, they most often argue that you must take advantage of innovations of scientists and it has enormous benefits.

There was a survey in 2015 by the Pew research center, which ended up with impressive stats that nearly nine out of ten scientists from the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) say that GMOs are safe to eat.

But more than half of the US adult population thinks it is not safe and should not eat the GMOs.

Most often, people have a disagreement about genetically modified; they start arguing about whether it’s safe or not.

There was a myth about genetically modified food that, in the laboratory, the rats fed on the corn, which was modified genetically to be immune and resistance for the weed killer, ended up rats developing cancer. A French research group published this report in 2012.

But the fact, that project was conducted very poorly, and the journal was removed from the paper in 2013.

There are hundreds of researches; more than 33000 authentic papers published the research report about the safety of genetically modified food. In fact, until today, no severe problem has been found in GMOs.

There is also another myth that sugar and oils that extracts from the GMOs are different from none GMOs food. You might have seen many films that genetic engineering creates an uncontrollable monster or can cause severe side effects, but that is all rumors.

People also have a fear that the genetic modification of food can lead them to convert into the wild population, which is also not true.

Genetically modified food has no harm to our health and the right to eat without any problem.

Today some GMOs are packed with extra minerals, vitamins, and other enormous health benefits. For example, the Swiss researchers once created golden rice with lots of beta carotene and antioxidants, which is good for skin and eyes.

Also, they modified the fat of Soybeans; they changed the fats and turned, which make the heart healthier than without GMOs.

The group of scientist did enormous researches for the past ten years to check whether the GMO’s is safe for health or not, and they concluded there is no harm by using genetically modified food.

Also, an American Medical Association (AMA) thinks that GMO’s are good to use; it has no harm. They also have an official statement that proves there is no severe impact on health by using genetically modified food.