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MOT tests are a regular part of a driver’s life in the UK. This is an annual test that checks the road-worthiness of your vehicle. Driving a vehicle without an MOT test passing certificate is illegal and this may get you in trouble.

The DVSA states that almost 10% of failed MOT Tests are due to tyres. Tyres are one of the essential components of a vehicle. The best part is that you can check whether your tyres are ready for the test or not. For doing this you don’t need to go to a service centre. This can be done at home.

Here are a few tyre-related issues that can be detected easily and you can fix them on your own:

Using the right tyres: The most common reason for failing an MOT test is the use of wrong tyres. You need to make sure that the tyre size you have used matches the size as mentioned by the vehicle manufacturer. To check if you are using the correct tyre size all you need to do is compare the size to the size mentioned on the sidewall.

In case your vehicle suffered a tyre puncture and you used a lightweight tyre in an emergency, you will have to replace this with a tyre of appropriate size. It should be noted that lightweight or space-saver tyres are not meant for long term usage. They are installed so you can safely reach a garage or home.

MOT Test may also be failed if you mix directional and asymmetric tyres. You need to make sure that your Tyres Bridgnorth have the same structure and are alike. Failing to do so will result in a failed MOT test.

Tread depth: There is a rule specified for tread depths. If your tyre’s tread depth doesn’t match it, you are likely to fail the test. Tyres having a tread depth lower than 1.6 mm are considered illegal to drive. This will lead to a failed MOT test and you will have to appear for a re-test. Improper tread depth can also lead to a fine of £ 2500 per tyre and is illegal to drive.

You can check the tread depth of your tyre at home also. All you need to do is place a 20 pence coin in the tread grooves at 3 different places. If you notice the outer band of the coin is visible then your tread is low and the tyres need replacement.

Tyre condition: Before giving any MOT test, you should thoroughly check your tyres as any bulge or lump will result in a failed test. It is advised to check your tyres every three weeks for any damage. Following are the signs of a damaged tyre:

  1. Cuts, punctures, and tears

  2. Bulges

  3. Ply and cord signs are visible

The above-mentioned signs can be hazardous and dangerous so it is better to get them repaired. Apart from being dangerous, they will also fail the MOT test. In case you feel that your Pirelli Tyres Bridgnorth are damaged, try and get them repaired before appearing from the MOT test. It is advised to consult a good service centre for the repair of serious tyre issues.

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