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Jack To Jack Cable

You may have just bought an excellent high-end audio system and the main thing you want is to enjoy the excellent sound quality. From the online reviews to the recommendation of your friends. That help you a lot to settle for the best choice for the musical interface. But the real secret hides in the choice of cable. From Jack To Jack Cable to AUX cables, there are so many verities of wire and connectors available in the market. It seems a little bit confusing for a common person to find out the best audio cable.

After un-boxing, all you want to plug in the device and install the drivers. Get the best sound quality, you have to buy cables separately because the quality of the boxed wire may not have the highest standard. Find the full advantage of the interface, it is recommended to go for the high-quality wire-like Jack To Jack CableTo know more about the audio Jack To Jack Cable, check out the following section.

¼-inch Jack Connector Cable:

  • For the musical equipment, it is the most common connection. Mostly, all of the electric guitar and electric amplifiers have the cable with the jack to jack cable connectors.

  • The plug is 6.3 mm long with a black hoop which is an insulating ring at the end tip. It helps to build mono or single-channel connection. It has two types; shielded and unshielded cabling. The first one is used for instrument and line level connections and the later one is for speaker.

1/4-inch Balanced Jack Connector Cable:

  • From the name, you may have understood that this connector is exactly of the same size as the earlier one, only the difference is that it is capable to carry two channels of audio. The Tip, Ring, and Sleeve (TRS) design has two black hoops after the pointy head which is called the tip and the section after the first black hoop is Ring and the part after the second hoop is called Sleeve.

  • It has a headphone output along with keyboard, recording equipment, piano, guitar amp, mixing desks and hi-fi equipment. This TRS plug will help you to form a mono connection which is free from external noise.

Stereo Minijack Connector:

  • If you check online, it is the most common audio cable which you find in MP3 player headphones. The size of the plug is smaller than the previous one with a 3.5 mm plug. The TRS arrangement is also there.

  • The left and right channel of the music is transported by the tip and ring segment and the sleeve part acts as a common guard. Usually, we use this cable in Portable music player headphones, to connect the MP3 player with car stereo and audio connection of the computer.

RCA Cable/Connector:

  • By look, it is quite similar to the minijack plug. It is being used for home and hi-fi audio equipment. This unbalanced and mono connection is a common choice among DJ mixers and audio interfaces or mixing desks. It comes with a red-colored and a white-colored channel for the connection.     

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