Being a Muslim, it is often difficult—if not altogether impossible—to find Halal Wholesale Chicken Distributors when you are living in a country with diverse or foreign culture. Every religion has regulations which its believers have to follow.

Let’s Introduce You to the Best Wholesale Chicken Distributors:

If you are already in a foreign country, or planning to move soon; you’re going to miss homemade meals the most. But that’s not just the extent of it. When you reach at your destination and the excitement worn off, one of the first things you’ll be worried about is finding a source to get halal chicken suppliers. But it hasn’t been easy to find Brazilian halal chicken suppliers until lately.

Islamic Values:

Likewise, Islam forbids us from eating specific types of meats and all kind of meats that are extracted from animals not slaughtered as per Islamic regulations. Don’t worry. Today, you are going to discover all about the best frozen chicken wings, breast and how you can buy frozen chicken from the best Wholesale chicken distributors in Brazil.

Do You Have Friends?

If you already have friends or family members in the country, it might be easier for you to locate and identify halal food sources. Even then some people are worried when trying to find their way on their own. They simply can’t differentiate Halal food from forbidden food due to the mixed culture. Especially, if you have just landed in Brazil, you might want to find Halal Chicken Distributors that can provide you meat in bulk.

Are You On Your Own?

But the real problem is when you are entirely on your own in a faraway country, some hundred or thousand miles away from your friends and family. When there is no one to guide you to differentiate right from wrong. In such times, it quickly becomes an enigma to find Halal food. You’ll need to find reputable Chicken Distributors first.

Love Eating Halal Chicken?

If you love eating chicken and currently living in a country such as Brazil where it is not easy to find halal chicken suppliers. You will love to find some. That is exactly why you need to be introduced to the “only halal chicken wholesale deals” One that is known to be one of the leading Brazilian Halal chicken suppliers. They are currently supplying chicken to 150 countries worldwide.

Quick geography fact: “There are 195 countries in the world” And the one you are going to discover now are one of the few Brazilian Wholesale Chicken Distributors to export halal meat to 150 countries. They are known as “Prima Chicken”

What’s Your Favorite Part of the Chicken?

Some of us likes to be choosy when it comes to best chicken frozen items. Some of us may like breast more than anything else, while some would prefer best frozen chicken wings over breast any day. Being one of the finest and largest Brazilian Halal Chicken Suppliers, they have everything when it comes to chicken. Here is what they offer you:

  • Wholesale Chicken Wings
  • Wholesale Chicken Breast
  • Bulk Chicken Breast
  • Chicken Feet (Best quality for soup)
  • Best Frozen Chicken Wings
  • Frozen Chicken Breast
  • Best Frozen Chicken (Whole)

Like anything else? No problem. Just give them your order and our experts will carve out of the meat fine cuts of parches packed neatly. From Chicken Leg to Fillet, Drumstick to Thai Fillet, they can custom make refined parcels of your favorite pieces in bulk.

What is Prima Chickens?

At Prima Chickens, they are serious about hygiene. In fact, they may be too careful about hygiene and that is why Prima Chicken has been certified officially to be one of the best Brazil frozen chicken suppliers. They care for you and want you to have the best meat available in Brazil. Their slaughter houses take special measures to abide by Islamic Regulations so you don’t have to worry about your food.

Moved In With Your Family?

If you are living or just move to brazil with your family, you’ll be worry about finding a place to get the best quality food products. In that case, you are reading the right article. Prima Chicken has served hundreds of thousands of Muslim families around the world by providing them with nutritious Halal chicken. Families trust them to be their go-to Halal Wholesale Chicken Distributors.

Like Buying Halal Chicken in Bulk?

Maybe you don’t like to buy meat every day. Instead, buy once in bulk and store it so you don’t have to get in the hassle of commuting to stores every other day. Well, that is a great idea. That is why Prima Chicken has taken special measures to offer wholesale chicken, bulk chicken breast, and almost every other chicken meat item in large quantity.

Prima Chicken is Huge:

Their large scale warehouses and cold stores allow them to store large quantities of halal chicken in bulk. They don’t want our customers to eat stale food and that is why they have taken extra measures to invest in hi-tech technology to freeze our meat so you can have fresh meat whenever you want in a matter of minutes. Prima Chicken often need to export fresh frozen chicken worldwide at moment’s notice. Therefore it is vital for them to keep the meat fresh so it don’t lose its fine taste.

Your Share of Fresh Chicken:

If you want to enjoy a meat that—when cooked—tastes as fresh and delicious as it does in your home country. If you are planning on running a restaurant in Brazil, let the best Brazilian Wholesale Chicken Distributor help you.