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Businesses are using banner signs for advertising for ages. In this digital era, many business owners are using banner ads in their online advertisements. However, offline banner signs still hold their importance in the world of business. Many brands still make use of offline banner signs to promote their products and services.

Offline banners also play a vital role in advertising events and spreading brand awareness. There are a variety of banner signs businesses can cause for the promotion of their brand, products, and services. Let us know about the types of offline banner signs businesses use for advertisement.


Billboards are large size banners that businesses use for advertisement on locations that attract a massive crowd like public places. The primary advantage of billboard signage is that they are large and visible from a greater distance.

Due to their large size, they offer high exposure to viewers and help a business to show their advertisements to people. When used in crowded locations, billboards can provide high exposure to your products, services, and events.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl is a good material for banner signs as it offers excellent weather resistance. For the past 50 years, vinyl banners have been the cornerstones of the advertising industry. Advances in electrostatic printing have made vinyl banners affordable for consumers as well as small businesses. Being waterproof and weather resistant, a vinyl banner is suitable for outdoor advertisement. They do not fade easily even if you install them in direct sun.

Vinyl banners are available in all sizes, therefore, suitable for indoor use. However, you cannot fold vinyl banners like cloth as it develops creases. You can roll them in case you need to carry them to any place for installation like events and tradeshows.

Fabric banners

Fabric banners are small and suitable for indoor use only. Although some businesses use them for outdoor use, they are prone to blow away by wind and fade due to sun and rain. Their consistency of polyester/satin provides amazing graphics and a fascinating gamut of colors that can only be appreciated in well-lit interior spaces. The benefit of these banners is that you can fold them and carry them anywhere without getting damaged.

Mesh banners

Mesh banners are a subtype of vinyl banners. These are the best banner signs for outdoor advertisement. They contain tiny perforations that allow the passage of air through them. With ten-ounce and eight-ounce vinyl, they are printed digitally in bright colors. Because of their wind resistance, mesh banners are suitable for outdoor use. Mesh banners are suitable in almost all types of weather conditions.

Suspended Banners

The suspended banners hang from the corners using hooks and wires. Businesses use them in shopping malls and events to advertise their products, services, or create brand awareness. Heavy banners also contain wired frames to support their weight and shape.

Digital signage

Nowadays, everything is digital, and so are the banners. Digital signboards are a cost-effective way to promote your products and services. Digital signs can be used as large screens, stand-alone kiosks, or displays on the shelf.

Digital screens provide you with full control over your advertising. You can always switch the advertising and provide your customers with notifications. These signs are suitable for companies and restaurants as they can view the customers as well as the people walking outside their menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At any time of the day, such companies can display specific messages. Businesses can show off on the digital screen their special offers or promotions and change the ad when they want to close the deal.

Step and repeat banners

At star-studded conferences and promotional tours, you’ve undoubtedly seen these banners with a large presence in the media. For a variety of purposes, reporters, PR, and photographers need a neutral context. Event holders use step and repeat banners as a branding opportunity. Therefore, these banners display a similar logo with a unicolor backdrop for advertisement and uniformity.

Vehicle Wraps

Buses and taxis are all great places to mark personal advertisements from your company. Place your spokesperson, service, or message on display for the world to see, and put it in places that offer potential customers direct exposure. Putting the logo on public transportation buses or in heavy traffic areas ensures that large groups of people will be exposed to who you are while in transit.

Final Words

These are the types of banner signs that businesses use for advertising. The best advantage of offline banner signs is that they offer visibility to a large number of people. You can use them for indoor and outdoor use as they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. By using their online links on physical banner signs, businesses can also attract traffic to their social media pages and websites.


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