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When planning a new bathroom, price and cost play an important role. We give you a big overview of the big cost factors so that you can get a better idea of the composition of the price of your bathroom.

Each Bathroom Is Unique

Every bathroom is unique. The price is as individual as the bathroom itself. The cost of a bathroom depends on many different factors: How big is the bathroom? Which products are used? Luxury shower and bathtub? Or just a simple shower cubicle? What materials are used?  All this is reflected in the price of a bathroom. Depending on the size of the bathroom, the amount of work and the personal requirements, different material and labour costs are required to design the bathroom perfectly according to your wishes. If the bathroom is to be renovated, there may also be costs for new water pipes, electricity, ventilation or heating. In addition, labour costs can vary depending on the region and provider. For these reasons, we cannot give an exact price for a bathroom, but there are nevertheless certain guide prices that you can use to better estimate the cost of your bathroom.

Price Of A Bathroom: The Costs To Consider

The cost of a bathroom can usually be divided into three large blocks:

  • Installation costs including dismantling and conversion
  • Furnishing costs for ceramics and furniture
  • Costs for additional equipment such as lighting

Installation Costs

A large part of the costs for a new bathroom is the so-called installation costs. These include, on the one hand, the costs of laying new pipes, lines and the like and, on the other, dismantling and disposal. This cost block is often underestimated, especially by laypersons. However, the preliminary work is extremely important, after all, it is also about safety and hygiene. Some often forgotten costs in connection with installations are:

  • Conversion of the hot water supply e.g. from an instantaneous water heater to central hot water supply
  • Modernization of ventilation systems
  • Costs for construction such as screed, tiles, plaster, electrics, painting work, etc.

Costs For Bathroom Furniture And Ceramics

There are also large price differences for bathroom furniture and bathroom ceramics. However, you shouldn’t save too much when it comes to furnishing. If you want a long-lasting bathroom, you should dig deeper into your pocket. After all, the bathroom is used daily. On average, people spend between 30 and 60 minutes a day in the bathroom – and these should be as pleasant as possible.

The Necessary Basics: What Belongs In A Bathroom?

Depending on the function and size of the bathroom, there are various “must-haves” for the bathroom.
The following features are always essential:

Depending on preferences and space, a shower and/or a bathtub can be added. In addition, there are other accessories that are not absolutely necessary for daily care, but make them easier and more pleasant. These include, for example, a urinal, a bidet or a shower WC. Sufficient storage space is also important, especially if it is a “family bathroom” for all family members. For this reason, a corresponding number of shelves and bathroom cabinets should be planned.

Costs For Additional Equipment Such As Lighting etc.

In addition to the fixed costs listed above, there are further costs for equipment such as lighting or integrated sound systems. There are no limits to your imagination. However: The more bells and whistles, the more costs. Lighting is a must – but is also partly included in the installation costs. Bathroom lighting is sometimes also integrated into bathroom furniture, which is why the costs for bathroom lighting cannot be precisely delimited – but you should definitely not forget them when calculating them.

Bargain Hunters Watch Out: Beware Of Supposedly Low Prices

You should be careful with supposed bargains. When hunting for bargains, always pay attention to the small print when making offers and cost estimates. Often only the prices for the pure laying per square meter are shown, costs for material, preliminary work etc. are concealed in the offer. The same applies to the purchase of the products themselves. In the case of bathtubs, the costs for feet are partly concealed or the price for fittings is not stated for showers. When comparing offers, you should always make sure that all work steps and material costs are shown. In case of doubt, ask questions and have them confirmed in writing!

Bathroom Price: How To Cut Costs

There are several tricks for saving money in the bathroom. However, some are more useful than others. A tip is to bet on full-range providers. This not only saves costs but also nerves. A full-range supplier takes over the entire coordination of all trades and tasks and can draw up a time and work plan accordingly. Due to the usually co-operation of many years with craftsmen, a complete offerer succeeds in better co-ordination and better negotiation of contracts. In addition, individual quotation costs do not have to be included every time. For absolute security, we advise you to choose a full-service provider with a fixed price guarantee. Detailed comparisons can also help to save money. However, savings should not be made in the wrong corner: A bathroom is a damp room, which is why you should pay attention to sufficient quality both in the construction costs for materials and the like and in the costs for furniture and ceramics.

The cost of a bath is as different as the bathroom itself. An exact calculation can only be made on the basis of concrete bathroom planning and available offers. Nevertheless, there are certain guideline values with which the price of a bathroom can be estimated. Although it is only a guide value, you can calculate with approx. 3,000 euros per square meter for an average complete bathroom.

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