Legal studies worldwide have transformed a lot with equal emphasis on study of managerial concepts. The mix of management theories has enabled the legal corporate to provide their services to the corporate world. In such a context, integrated 5-year BBA LLB has been counted among the most demanded law programmes. Students prefer it over other legal programmes since they are exposed to legal as well as managerial studies while pursuing this course.

Let’s understand the benefits of choosing the 5-year BBA LLB over 3-year LLB.

Advanced Learning

Without an iota of doubt, the learning in the 5-year advanced BBA LLB is much more than just a regular LLB degree. The students are imbibed with the learning of legal topics as well as managerial concepts. With advanced pedagogy, the next-gen professionals of tomorrow are prepared in sync with the demand of the industry. It simply means that this course offers much promising career options.

Multiple Career Options

After completion of BBA LLB, a student gets ready to choose from multiple career options. With the sound knowledge of managerial things and legal topics, the corporate sector also welcomes the law students apart from the regular advocacy career. It won’t be an overstatement that BBA LLB is a futuristic study and you can tap into future after this course.

Dual Degree Benefit

Investment of 5 years in this course will result into benefit of dual degree. You will be conferred with BBA and LLB degrees whereas after completing 3 year LLB, you will be awarded just the law degree. Dual degree is always beneficial in terms of recruitment post completion of the course. Top recruiters always give more weightage to the professionals with dual degree.


One-time fee for dual degree – isn’t it a great benefit in terms of cost-effectiveness. You pay the fee for one course and end up with dual degree. However, the overall fee of 3-year LLB might be lower than this 5-year integrated program but the scope and learning quotient are much bigger than just a law degree. If you calculate the fee of LLB and BBA separately, then this integrated program is much more pocket-friendly.

Better Exposure

It’s an undeniable fact that you are exposed to so many concepts of law and management while studying 5-year BBA LLB integrated program. Better exposure simply means better growth. The skills you gain while pursuing this program are unmatched and help your concrete a distinct identity in this highly competitive professional environment.

Time Saving

Last but not the least, a 5-year BBA LLB helps you save one precious year. You get both the degree in 5 years whereas pursing these courses separately will take you at least 6 years to obtain both the degree. You become job-ready in less time and start earning. It directly impacts your career ROI.

You should go for the BBA LLB program from a reputed law college, if planning to pursue legal studies. It will help you advance your career in the most promising manner.