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become hack free tricks

The 2019 is the era of technology and internet invading in our life making things easier and convenient as well as complicated. The current number of connected devices has been reached to 17 billion in 2018. However, it has been estimated the IoT devices would make up to 20.4 billion in 2020.

These days, people all over the world own a smart phone and are connected to the internet through social media platforms. So, protecting our data and becoming hack proof is kind of difficult, it might take a different approach to stay away from hackers.

Shaun Murphy a cyber-security expert for almost 20 years has defined privacy as not only something to hide but to prevent from data leaks, personal and big data. Hackers are the community where they control our data, smartphones, internet devices and much more such as smart homes equipment through different techniques and procedures.

Today’s electronic world we need some sort of safe hack proof ideas and tips to save ourselves from these hackers.

Dos and Don’ts of being hack proof

First let’s talk about how to make sure you are using devices that are not tracked by hackers to make it hack free. The first tip you have to check while you are using your social media accounts your password. It has been claimed by best assignment writing service UK 59% of the users have the same password for most of the websites.

Tip#1 do not used an already used password

Tip#2 regular updates (to get latest apps, software and operating system)

Tip#3 tries to close all your sites and accounts from smart phone and laptop

Tip#4 does not use public Wi-Fi and turn it off the automatically connected button.

 Tip#5 lock your phone or use finger print scanner to get all the data erased automatically while unknown making couple of illegal attempts to reopen the password.

·       DIY Security tip (Virtual Private Network)

Make yourself free from hackers and keep your data safe. What exactly is VPN? Why should we use it?

VPN is the layer of protection between your devices and internet; it hid the IP address and the location of the user and encrypts your data after you use your device. Most importantly you using your public Wi-Fi need that piece of extra layer of security to browse anonymously or unblock websites while travelling.

2020 VPNs are not slow anymore whether you use it in any device is up to you it had become faster, quicker and safer. The express VPN is the DIY security option which has the high streaming operation and can hold to multiple devices.

·       Do not connect yourself with any Wi-Fi or devices

The line does not mean do not use Wi-Fi into your own house. However, do not instantly get happier when your device gets connected easily outside your house or subways. As you do not know the hacker might be sitting next to you. The main motive of the hacker is to have a device that can penetrate into the system of other person’s phones. This is why it is a big no to connect devices through malicious public hotspot as you accept that network your data get into a wrong hand easily.

·       Keep your devices hack proof by using protections

Just like humans use protections to control future generations exactly like that we need electronic protections. For this purpose you need to install Malware protections to stay safe from hackers in phones and laptops. The antivirus control hacker activities by only 30 to 50% which is not a bad deal, some antivirus programs or McAfee virus are paid and others are easily available on Google for free. Get yourself hold to anti-virus ask an expert in devices to advice or recommend and turn it on.

·       Check before using the app

We most of the time download many different kinds of apps in our smartphones just to make our life easier. Though apps are the good source of helping hand and can be used in daily activities such as clock app that sensor your sleeping pattern, when you wake up and what other activities keep you awake. But before installing these apps it called off with many security options or permissions to access your data, allow reading your files or accessing your camera. So, be careful to install those that are relevant for your use. Observe all the permissions to see what exactly the want from you.

·       Install find device near me

Perhaps you get to a mishap or could not find your device near you, the app will help you find it or track the latest location till you get hold of it. The hackers are excited for tracking, locking and messing around your phones or laptops. Cheap dissertation writing service UK has been initiating steps to assure their employees to have hacked free devices that won’t circulate confidential data and misused by other competitors.

·       Regularly update your phone setting

Most of you might ignore those disturbing options or the pop up shows updates and will you like to update your site etc. Your smart phones has to be updated as it might send out to avoid these matters do update it instantly. The hackers are waiting for such smart phones or laptops devices which have outdated software and track your updates at a regular basis. Remember to add a code or a pattern or a finger scanner to break free from hackers to reopen it again and again.

Final point

As the technology expanding its way to the real world the protection of your confidential data is less secure and uncontrollable. Block chain and AI are taking initiative to perform security pattern and avoid such matters quickly. IoT devices which can talk and communicate with each other are making things complicated and difficult to protect ourselves from tracking and observing.

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