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As a parent, you have a lot of things to think about, when it comes to your kids. The most important thing, however, is to find the best of whatever it is.

So if you are a parent and wondering how to use your child’s time more productively, then you would be amazed to know that there are options to teach them chess as kids.

Chess, as we all know is a fair game that pits mind against mind. It is called the king of board games for a reason!

You can easily Find Chess Classes that can expose your child to the game in a structured and fun manner so that they not only enjoy the mental exercise but also benefit in the number of other ways.

In this article, we will talk about the surprising benefits of playing chess as a kid and how it helps in their overall development! Read on to know more.

Prevents the onset of Alzheimer’s later in life

When your kids are still young, you may never even think about this but you can literally remove the risk of Alzheimer’s from their old age by exposing them to chess at a young age. The game requires the regular exercise of the brain muscle to play it fruitfully. Therefore, it keeps it active and prevents it from breaking down as they grow old. Not only that, but you can also reduce the risk of any other cognitive-related conditions. According to a recent study, playing chess regularly can reduce the risk of dementia than those who never indulged in a non-board game playing individual.

It promotes dendrite growth

Dendrites are tree-like branches in your brain that transmit signals from other neuron cells to the neurons they are attached to. Simply put, they are like an antenna that picks up signals from other places. Therefore, the more antennas you have, the better your signal catching capacity becomes. Playing chess helps build those tree-like branches that receive and transmit signals. So learning it from an early age will keep these dendrites continuously growing, helping them increase their cognitive abilities.

It helps increase your child’s IQ

Chess is one of those games that can raise your child’s IQ and make them smarter. According to a study, the kids that participated experienced an increase in their IQ score within 4 months of chess learning. So if you want to increase your kid’s intelligence, this could be a fun and exciting way to do that.

Improves their problem-solving skills

As a parent, you shouldn’t ignore your child’s problem-solving abilities as they would be required to have these skills later in life. Needless to say, the earlier you start, the better they would be equipped to become more independent and self-confident. Chess plays a huge role in developing these skills.

It helps enhance spatial skills

Spatial skills are important during chess because it helps the players anticipate at least 10 moves ahead. It also helps them picture the position and analyze the changes. Learning and playing chess can help develop that in your kid. A child with a higher IQ is not only good at the game but also many other things in life!

Improves memory

We all know that playing chess for years can improve the memory of your child. As you learn to play, you will have to remember your opponent’s move to help you anticipate yours. Just remembering all the complex permutations and combinations alone will do wonders for your kid’s memory.

It exercises the brain

According to a study, chess activates both sides of the brain while assessing the chess position and recognizing geometric shapes. As the kids learn the rules and techniques during playing chess, the exercise develops not just the left hemisphere, as the researchers expected, but also the right hemisphere.

It enhances your child’s creativity

It is common knowledge that even though the brain as a whole is an important organ, both hemispheres of our brain work indifferently when it comes to processing information. While the left side is known to be more analytical, the ride side of your brain is said to be more creative and artistic. Studies have confirmed that regular practice of chess can help these kids develop their creative side as well.

Improves their concentration

Concentration is the key requirement while playing chess. It is impossible to play the game and think about something else while you are in the middle of it. The chess instructor will not tell your kid which piece to move, hence your kid will have to stay focused to know the right move.

There are many such benefits of the game that will help your child’s overall development and that too in a fun way. So consider chess as a summer activity for your kid and build from there!

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