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The use of wax vaporizers has been in existence for quite some time. However, with the advancement in their technological makeup, more marijuana consumers have developed a growing fondness for the vaporizers. Before looking into some of the immense benefits of using these vaporizers, a quick definition and description of their use can help in order to comprehend their advantages better.

A Brief Description of Wax Vaporizers

The wax is a concentrate that is extracted from the marijuana plant. It has a similar consistency to that of butter and color the same to honey. The process of obtaining this wax is often referred to as blasting in some circles. A large amount of weed is placed in a tube then butane is mixed with it. The butane separates THC from the plant to produce the wax.

A wax vaporizer is a small pen-like device that is used to heat the wax substance through the conduction of heat. The heated wax produces a vapor that consumers inhale through an inbuilt mouthpiece on the pen. The pen is usually powered by a battery with standard or variable voltage. A simple wax pen is made up of four parts. The parts include a tank that stores the wax, an atomizer that heats the substance under low temperatures, a battery that powers the device, and a sensor. What makes wax vaporizers better than other methods of using marijuana, such as joints and pipes? Read on to find out.

They are Safer to Use

The primary concern for every smoker or consumer of cigarettes and other substances like marijuana is the harmful effects it has on the body, especially the lungs. The combustion of weed produces toxic substances such as tar and carbon monoxide. These substances, when inhaled, can cause chronic bronchitis and pneumonia. The good news is that wax vaporizers produce a vapor, which is 95% free of the said toxins. The vaporizer gets rid of the toxins by heating the wax under low temperatures and thus offers a safe and healthier way of inhaling marijuana.

Great Health Benefits

Marijuana is widely used among patients with chronic illnesses. Cancer patients use the substance to help regulate the unwanted side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea. The vape pens provide a convenient way for such people to benefit from its medicinal properties without putting their lungs at risk. The vapor is also absorbed quickly into the body, thus offering quick pain relief to those with suffering from chronic pain. Many other patients use the weed to boost their appetite, reduce the effects of nausea, and to treat anxiety.

Great User Experience

Thanks to significant technological advancement in the manufacturing of vaporizers, users have a range of designs, colors, and sizes to choose from. The pens come in attractive designs, and with powerful features. The latest creations have digital controls that consumers can use to change temperature settings. Some have even advanced to integrate the use of smartphone apps to control these devices. The integrated apps offer excellent user experience and simplify the process of using wax pens.

It Saves Money

Though it may seem like a costly investment to purchase a wax vaporizer, the long term benefits of using it in comparison to other methods cannot be understated. For example, with a joint, the user has to continually buy paper to be used for rolling the joints whenever he/she needs a new joint. Also, the smoking method wastes a lot of the precious substance and taste, leaving the consumer with less value for their money. Wax pens are the easiest and fastest to use; thus, they also save the consumers time that sometimes is very limited.

This is the exact opposite case with vaporizers. The content within the vaporizer is only released when the user turns on the forced-air unit or draws it through the mouthpiece. The mechanism ensures very minimal wastage of the precious weed wax inside it. Also, smoking uses much raw material to produce less value. This is because a good part of the good stuff is burnt up during combustion. On the other hand, the vaporizer uses less material to produce more quality; hence, it saves money in the long run. What makes it even better is that the leftovers can also serve as ingredients for making some edibles such as cookies and cakes.

It tastes great.

Since the vapor it produces is not contaminated by smoke, the substance has sweeter, smoother, cleaner, and yummier taste that leaves the users yearning for more. Cannabinoid, the medical element, makes up 95% of the vapor and also adds to its great flavor.

Can be Comfortably Used in Public Places

For the smoke-producing alternatives, it would not be friendly and respectful to consume them in public. The wax pen offers its users the discretion to use it whenever and wherever they are. This is because it is smoke-free and almost odorless. Less odor means that it does not stick to the consumer’s body, and the vaporizer users generally do not suffer from the foul breath that is a constant tag on most smokers. The odor of the vapor did not disturb others who are in the surrounding like family members and neighbors.


Owing to their sleek sizes and lightweight form, vaporizers can easily fit into handbags and pockets without attracting unwanted attention. This allows consumers the added advantage of using them anywhere, even while taking a walk along the street. Since they are self-powered by batteries, consumers can use them anytime they want to. After all, one can never tell when the next urge will set in.

The benefits of using wax vaporizers range from providing health benefits to the sick to providing a tidy and comfortable way of enjoying the tasty recreational substance. Many users would gain much by migrating from the smoking method to this smokeless way. It will provide a safer environment for both the user and those in their surroundings, not forgetting the improved health benefits too.

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