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Best Cervical Pillow in India

A good night’s sleep is that the priority of each adult recently. when a productive day at the workplace, work or maybe doing household works, people tend to urge tired. Sleeping is very important to recharge your body and equipment up for the challenges of the forthcoming day. those who have a peaceful night sleep tend to become a lot of productive, physically similarly as mentally. however what if you’re not feeling rested even when 8 hours of fine sleep?

Your pillow is a real problem. people typically sleep within the wrong postures accidentally as amendment positions that place their necks below strain. once the pillow isn’t adjusting to your totally different movements, your alignment with the spine and neck get disturbed. This goes on to develop issues like cervical redness, neck pain, stiffness in muscles and nerves so on. however having the proper pillow will set your alignment right and assist you awaken rested. It may also facilitate relieve cervical patients from constant pain. Memory foam pillows area unit the simplest during this regard. therefore keeping this mind, we’ve got created the list of best memory foam pillows in India.

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Best Cervical Pillow in India


Qualimate Contour Pillow may be a memory foam pillow created particularly for Cervical patients, side/back sleepers and anyone with problems with neck or back pain. Qualimate may be a supreme quality pillow that is extraordinarily comfy and adjusts to the form of the body because of the memory foam. Qualitative pillow adjusts to the form of your neck, shoulders and back and returns to its original form once you get up.


Qualimate is one amongst the most effective cervical memory foam pillows in India because it is created of high-quality Original Visco Elastic material which will simply suit every kind of body form. The surface of this pillow is meant keeping in mind the orthopedic issues then it cradles your neck and head in such the way that your spine is correctly aligned saving you from any reasonably pain thanks to unhealthy sleeping postures.


  • Qualimate pillow is moulded from open-cell memory foam that helps the froth to retain its original form once you’ve got woken up. This will increase the sturdiness of Qualimate pillow that makes it one in all the simplest pillows for cervical redness in India.
  • The scientifically engineered low loft-style of Qualimate pillow helps keep your neck and body in correct alignment that helps in having an honest night’s sleep.
  • Problems like neck aches, pinched ar alleviated because the memory foam pillow helps relax the body and provides it the right time to heal. thus it’s one in all the simplest pillows for cervical in India.
  • Qualimate pillows don’t sag or clump like cotton, microfiber or polyester pillows thanks to the memory foam used. This additionally will increase the sturdiness of the pillow.
  • Qualimate pillows are woven with an honest quality white inner covers. the material of the cowls are notably sensible and you’ll be able to simply engulf them in your own cover or sleep on them directly.
  • Qualimate pillows measure 19.5″ X 11.5″. The height of contours is 4″. Overall the pillows are big enough for sleepers who tend to get restless and move a lot around the bed giving them ample space.


  • A little bit odour comes from the pillow when gap the packet. however it will be attenuated to an excellent extent if you place it in an aerated atmosphere for a few hours.
  • Zipper pillowcase is missing in Qualimate pillow. only the base cover is available so you would have to get a separate cover for this one.

Yuyutsu Memory Foam Pillow

Yuyutsu pillow is created from specially designed memory foam that’s the perfect answer for everyone’s sleeping issues. Be it babies with soft heads or cervical rubor patients, the contour ergonomic shape of Yuyutsu cradles the neck and spine perfectly for a painless, peaceful night’s sleep.


Yuyutsu pillows have a novel temperature-sensitive, high-density memory foam that helps relax the nerves exploitation the zero pressure formula. The pressure-relieving traits of Yuyutsu pillow facilitate cut back stiffness and relieve pain within the neck and head. Yuyutsu pillow comes with a6-month warrant that produces it one amongst the most effective cervical rubor pillow in India.


  • High-density memory foam in Yuyutsu pillows facilitate relieve muscles and relax areas around neck, head and shoulders. you’ll be able to awaken fresher and painless when an evening on Yuyutsu pillows.
  • Yuyutsu pillow’s contour style is formed particularly for cervical patients. If you’re a cervical patient or suffer from neck aches and alternative orthopaedic issues, you’ll be able to currently welcome painless days with Yuyutsu pillows.
  • Yuyutsu pillows are free from mud mites and irritants due to the materials utilized in them. So, these area unit safe to use for youngsters and other people allergic to mites.
  • Yuyutsu pillows area unit sturdy as a result of they need the tendency to retain their original form. They don’t sag or clump simply that makes them way more sturdy than cotton or polyfill pillows.
  • Yuyutsu pillows come with an a6-month warranty. So in case, they start sagging, you can get them replaced easily. This is a special feature since a very few companies provide warranty on pillows.
  •  Yuyutsu pillows don’t come with zippered covers, so would have to buy them yourself. They come with a woven base cover that is good in quality so you have the option of using it directly but we recommend you to cover them up.

Grin Health Ultra Soft

Grin Health pillow may be a reversible quite medical science memory foam pillow that options two completely different experiences on either aspect of the pillow. it’s a cool gel layer on one aspect that helps you counter the warmth whereas the standard memory foam on the opposite aspect is for the conventional or colder nights.


Grin Health pillow is one amongst a sort because of its reversible temperature management feature. they need not sacrifice the comfort on either aspect however the special cool gel layer not to mention a micro-mesh material cover offers you a cooler expertise like ne’er before. the opposite aspect is historically created for cold weathers, thus naturally, it might feel hotter if you sleep on that aspect.


  • Grin Health pillow is opposed allergens, mud and mite free that ensures your hygiene. It conjointly saves you from unconditioned reflex through the night serving to you get a decent night’s sleep.
  • The ultra-soft memory foam terribly simply adjusts to your body form. you’ll be able to move round the pillow and it might naturally take your form because of the ultra-soft memory foam. The 2-in-1 style provides you with a rare choice to make a choice from hot and cool sides. The colloidal gel enclosed within the pillow that ensures a higher flow of air. thus simply switch to the cool gel facet and acquire a cool and comfortable sleeping expertise throughout summers. this can be actually associate degree unrestricted pillow.
  • The fabric cowl is created of polyester that helps to unleash heat quicker than fibre covers. The micro-mesh provided on the cool gel facet helps maintain the flow of air. significantly, the material cowl additional ensures the breathability of the material and sensible flow of air.
  • The ergonomic style helps the neck and head to urge properly aligned that makes it one in all the simplest pillows for cervical, migraine, insomnia, neck pain and headaches.
  • Grin Health pillow is obtainable in king size for those folks that move around heaps within the bed. The pillow measures at 24” X 20” with a 3.15” height.
  •  Grin Health Ultra Soft is a bit more expensive than other pillows in the list of best pillows for cervical in India. But Grin Health pillow is more premium and useful than many of pillows available in India.

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