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CPAP Machine

Sleep Apnea is a hard nut to crack if it is left untreated. The disruption in breathing can be a cause of many ailments, heart attacks, strokes, heart disease, obesity and you can also get injured in case you met with an accident in your waking hours as a result of fatigue. So it is important to take adequate measures before it gets too late. But before moving further we must understand how these CPAP machines help us in getting good sleep.

How do CPAP machines help you get better sleep?

As it has been discussed several times that sleep Apnea causes disruption in breathing patterns while you are asleep. This happens majorly because of the soft tissues in your mouth, nose, and throat collapse and blocks your airways. This is also known by another name called Obstructive Sleep Apnea. In addition to it, sometimes it may also happen that there is a miscommunication between your brain and the lungs and so the command to breathe is neither sent nor received properly and this condition is slightly different from the previous one and thus, it is called Central Sleep Apnea.

There are many symptoms that may give you a clue that you are suffering from Sleep Apnea but the most important among them is tiredness and drowsiness during the daytime in spite of the fact that you have slept well at night.  Apart from this, there are regular disruptions in breathing and then you start with a snort again. Sleep A can only be diagnosed through a process called a sleep study. It should never be ignored at any cost when it gets confirmed. Sometimes the patient even knows that he is going through a critical problem like this and thus, it can further have a damaging effect on your health.

To deal with this condition you need a CPAP machine that blows air into the throat through the mask. This increases the pressure of the air in the throat and prevents the airways from narrowing down and collapsing. It provides continuous positive airway pressure so that you get to sleep better and enjoy an interrupted and peaceful sleep without choking during the night.

People who suffer from Central Sleep Apnea also need CPAP machines but it is better if they use BiPAP machines. BiPAP machine is better for people suffering from Central Sleep Apnea as it provides two pressure settings. One is prescribed pressure for inhalation and the other is the lower pressure for exhalation. It allows the patient to inhale and exhale more air due to two different pressure settings that are missing in CPAP machines as it provides constant single pressure to the patients and thus, going for Philips BiPAP or BiPAP Avaps machine is the best option.

Which machine should you choose?

The choice of the CPAP machine differs from person to person as the problem one is facing may be slightly different from the other. Every person is different from each other and so is their problem of Sleep Apnea. Thus, a person’s preference may not be the same as well. It is very important to have proper research before investing your money in the machines.

There are many options available in the market. Each has its own distinct feature that makes them a better option from the other. But the one you opt for surely depends on your personal preference as each work differently for each person. There are CPAP machines, BiPAP machines and portable oxygen machines available but choosing the best one for you solely depends on your symptoms and problems so it can be best advised by your doctor. It is advisable to take the opinion of the doctor before investing your money in it.

Picking the best machine for yourself

There are end numbers of features that you must take into consideration before picking up the best one for yourself. These features may include comfort, noise level, features, and ease of use, size/weight, and aesthetics that can help you make the choice.

Dreamstation Auto by Philips Respironics

This Philips CPAP machine is one of the hot picks that are available in the market with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities that are in-built in this high-end product. With so many options available out there it is one of the smartest pieces of technology that can serve your purpose.  The only thing that needs consideration is its price as it falls heavy on the pocket.


  1. Design: This light and a small piece of technology is perfect for your bedroom and can fit perfectly on your side tables. Its smart design can make anyone think it to be a Google home unit.
  2. High Spec: It has an in-built Bluetooth and Wi-fi that helps in transferring of data. Its LCD display makes it easy to interpret the data.
  3. Less noise: It is a very quiet machine that causes no disturbance during the night. This means not only you but your partner will also have a comfortable sleep.
  4. Extra accessories: With these smartly designed machines you also get a carry case, SD card and a year’s supply of filters.
  5. Perform its job well: With all the benefits it performs its job well. It has a humidifier that works superbly; its intelligent automation settings help you with extra needs. It also provides your progress summary so that the needful actions can be taken.

ResMed AirSense 10 Autoset with Heated Humidifier

The ResMed AirSense 10 is the successor of the very popular S9 series. It is equipped with all the features that are required by a patient and this is why this comes in our preference list.


  1. The display: This machine definitely has one of the best displays with the ambiance setting that automatically adjusts to the light of the room. It also gets switched off when not in use. So its light does not disturb you unnecessarily.
  2. The look: with its tiny- mini look it fits in every house and you feel you have invested in the right product. It surely makes you feel you are in safe hands.
  3. The working of the machine: There are some features that make this machine a unique piece. Its AutoRamp technology does not make you feel as if the influx of air bumped into your lungs. In addition to it, ClimateLineAir and HumidAir technology make you comfortable as it creates optimum air temperature and reduces pressure as well during exhalation to have more gentle and comfortable breathing.

IntelliPAP Standard with Heated Humidifier and Heated Tubing

From cost to its performance all goes well. It is one of the most reliable that has all the features required in a good CPAP machine.


  1. Simple machine: It is a simple machine with great results. It is very easy to use and does it job well. You do not have an extra job to do after your hectic day.
  2. It’s affordable: It is very cheap when it comes to the price and all the features. You cannot think of a machine as good in such an affordable range with a 3-year warranty!
  3. Very quiet: This machine is quiet and does not meddle with your sleep at all. You can definitely sleep peacefully in your room with this one.
  4. Clever technology: It is full of the latest technology and features. With the delay pressure ramp the patient can easily undergo the therapy. Moreover, its registered smart code compliance makes it easy to transfer the data.

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