Digital marketing, as the word suggests, means with the help of technology and electronic medium marketing(advertising) of product or service over the internet. Now what is the role of the internet in digital marketing, so internet is the major requirement in digital marketing which plays the most important role with the help of the internet our purpose would accomplish, now what is the purpose of digital marketing, our main aim to reach right audience to make them aware of our product or services, so with the help of digital marketing we reach to the target people who are valuable to our product or service.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The strategy of digital marketing is the sequence of activities or efforts that help you carry out your goal through suitable marketing channels. These channels should be paid or organic depends on your requirements and budget.

Some of the top digital marketing strategies:-


Search Engine Optimization is the technique which is the most important in Digital Marketing, but it’s better to have SEO expert to manage SEO because Google Algorithm making it difficult day by day.

There are two types of SEO

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO

In simple words, On-page Seo is the on-site optimization which includes both the content and the HTML source code on the web-page which helps for the site ranking. Some experts say 70% ranking depends on on-page Seo. While Off-Page SEO  is the technique which is used to increase the ranking of the website to gain more traffic.  The off-page strategy includes multiple techniques to improve the ranking.


SMO stands for Social Media Marketing, as the word suggests it is the marketing technique which includes Social Media. It is mainly used for increasing awareness of a product, brand, and service with the help of multiple social media channels like Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Quora, etc. It helps your product to get viral among the people.


PPC stands for Pay Per Click, it is also known as cost per click. It is the most advanced technology which is most popular this time, PPC is a paid technique which is used to buy traffic, it is a marketing strategy in which advertiser pay money  to gain traffic, they pay a fee every time when the ad is clicked, it is a modern marketing which buys visitors to your site.

The above strategies are the most important and useful in Digital Marketing, with the help of these three strategies the one can easily rank the website and improve the traffic on the website.