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Finding the right gift has never been an easy task. No matter whether you are looking for a gift for your male friend or your friend-cum-system, we always find ourselves short on choices. However, that’s not true especially when it comes to finding the right gift for that travel-junkie friend who aspires to witness each and every corner of the world. Having said that, we have listed down some gift ideas that are really thoughtful and go beyond basics. No matter whether it is Christmas or New Year or any random day to surprise your friend, these utility items will take away all the stress from the life of that travel-junkie.

  • A duffel Bag – A premium duffel bag can make a befitting gift for your friend since he will be able to stow all his essential stuff inside the bag. A duffel bag that is intricately designed using premium leather will capture the attention of his fellow companion and all he is going to receive compliments. A duffel bag that offers ample space to keep his essentials should be on your radar. In fact, a new bag will expand its collection in the wardrobe. So, if you know he is not going to splurge on a premium and luxe duffel bag ever, use that thing to your advantage and get him a new bag.
  • Soft Cooler Your friend won’t have to worry about keeping his meal and beverages cold on long trips. That’s what these soft-coolers are supposed to do. A soft cooler will keep his meal and beverage chilled for several days even when the temperature of the atmosphere surges up. In fact, if chosen carefully, they won’t even let you run short on space and eventually, you will be able to load food for a couple of days or even weeks inside them. So, before you buy a new one, make sure that it offers ample space to store your food. Take a look at the best medium coolers around and find the right one.
  • Nintendo Switch – If like the rest of us, your friend feels the boredom of commuting for long hours, why not give him the pleasure of on-the-go gaming. A Nintendo Switch, which is quite easy to grab, will keep him entertained throughout his journey no matter where he is in the world. You don’t need to have wires connected with TV to play this game. This little, quirky gaming console will pique his interest in gaming and he is never going to die from the dearth of entertainment in his life ever again.
  • Power Bank – While on the roads, it is not possible to charge your phone again and again. Well, if that is the case with your buddy, a power bank will make a thoughtful gift that will let your buddy charge his device anytime and anywhere. From headphones to a smartphone to any other gadget, you won’t have to bother about the draining battery. A power bank will be able to keep your devices charged on a single run. So, if you are planning to buy a power bank, it will make sense if you buy one which can be stashed easily in a pocket or in a backpack and light in weight.
  • Headphone – Anyone who is looking for a thoughtful and affordable gift can never go wrong with a headphone. Today’s best headphones are incorporated with smart features and come with long-lasting battery backup. No matter how long the commute is, he will be able to listen to all of his favorite songs anytime and anywhere and without having to bother about the battery. You will be able to find a decent headphone right in your budget.

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