Do you love playing online games? Are you looking for some video games that you should play now? If yes, this is the right place for you. If you are worried about because you don’t have a fast computer that allows you to enjoy multiple games, don’t worry. Top News Today in English will let you know the games that do not require a fast computer to play. Just connect your computer to the internet so you can have fun with the computer that you have. It is because of the reason that you don’t require to install these games, you can play it online at any time by visiting their site. Have a look at these a few games that you should play to enjoy your time. 

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Game of bombs 

As far as multiplayer games are concerned, no game is better than the game of bombs. It is one of the most popular games that had been mostly played on play station. Game of bombs is a game that provides an amazing experience of playing games. Just hit the play station button now or visit the website and enjoy playing this multiplayer game with your friends. This helps you to play with other players on the internet. It means you will never get bored and can play with other people at any time even when there is no one to talk at your home. Just hit the play station button and connect to the world within a minute. 

Die 2 Nite 

If you love jokes then Die 2 Nite is a text-based web game that you should play now. Even the welcome message of the game comes in a completely different manner that will bring a big smile over your face. This is the time when the fun starts and will continue until the end. Server time is also there on the right corner to make it more amazing and exciting to the next level. 

When the server time is 23:00, zombies will come out from it. While during the day, you can join hands with the other players to construct a defense for protection. The best part of this game is that it is one of the most engaging game, you would not even get to know the time while playing this game. 

Frog fractions 

With its appearance, it looks like the game is nondescript and dumb. But when you dig a little deeper, the game is hilarious and crazy. You will enjoy playing this crazy game to spend your idle time. But make sure turn up the volume to understand the story else you might not have an amazing gaming experience. 


If you want to enjoy the fun games online then the first name I have in my mind is Samorost. Recently the third installment of the game has been launched that makes the game even more interesting and quirkiest. So, visit the website of the game, if you want to add some fun into your gaming session. This is the best combo of fun and technology to enjoy. 


If you are in love with golf then Wonderputt is an ideal option for you. The game contains the mini-golf courses and herds of ships. It features a puzzle game design that is completely different to the next level. The graphics of the game are quite interesting at the same time that will make you have some of the best moments while playing games. The game evolves as a completely different section each time that helps rejuvenate your health. 


This is the game that will take lots of your time without you know it. It is because of the engagement level of the game. It is a kind of defense game where you need to collect tools, develop bases and check out dungeons. From the chrome store, you can download this game and can start to enjoy playing right now. 


Check out all these games and have some fun moments with your friends and family while playing these engaging games. While some people think that playing a game is a waste of time but it is not. Just let your kids play games to enhance their creativity and don’t take a step back when you want to play games. Just having fun is the most important thing, so have fun now.  


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