With age, many start to experience back pain and chronic spinal diseases. The only way to understand the problem and find the right cure is by consulting a spine specialist. Spinal issues must be treated without delay so that it does not lead to any serious disorder in the future.

Who Should Get Spinal Surgery?

Spine surgery is a good idea when the individual has the following issues:

  • Ruptured disk or herniated disk that can press hard against the spinal nerve.
  • Bone overgrowth due to osteoarthritis that can affect the joints and space in the spinal column.

Types Of Spinal Surgery

The common surgical procedures done to treat spinal problems in India are:

  • Microdiscectomy- This is the removal of the herniated intervertebral disk.
  • Laminectomy- This is the removal of the laminae that is present on the back of the vertebra.
  • Laminotomy- This is the removal of the vertebral arch.
  • Disk Replacement– This involves the removal of the disk and replacing it with an artificial one.
  • Spinal Fusion– This is done to treat chronic pain in the spinal cord.

Why Choose India For Spinal Surgery?

India is a great option when it comes to any kind of surgical treatment. As for spinal surgery, it is conducted in many well-known hospitals in different cities in India. Several reputed hospitals are known for their panel of experienced doctors who can successfully perform spinal surgeries.

The doctor first consults a thorough diagnosis of the patient before recommending any surgical procedure. Surgeries are the last resort that doctors suggest when medications and physiotherapies fail to work.

Here are the three major reasons to get spinal surgery done in India.

Advanced Surgical Procedures

Nowadays, the traditional surgical methods are not much preferred by patients due to its certain limitations, risks involved and recovery time. And with the advancement of medical equipment and treatment procedures, doctors now prefer minimally invasive surgeries. These techniques are less painful, heals faster, more accurate and always gives better results.

On the other hand, spine surgery in India has also come up with the latest robotic technology.

This is extremely precise and the most accurate method that helps the doctors to perform the entire spine surgery easily. The robotics hand can handle even complicated cases.

Affordable Surgery Expense

Compared to western countries, India is very affordable for any kind of medical treatment. A patient of the spinal disorder will spend half of what they would have spent in the US or the UK. This is why many international patients also prefer India. Depending upon the type of hospital, treatment procedure and medications or post-surgery therapies the cost may vary from one patient to the other. So make sure you talk to the surgeon before you get your spine surgery done.

World-class Quality Service

The medical treatment facility in India is not only affordable, but it is also of high quality. The usual concept that prevails that lower cost means poor quality of service is wrong in this case.

All the major cities in India have super-specialty hospitals and premium range clinics where patients get the best services.

No matter how your spinal condition is, it is advisable to seek an experienced doctor’s advice before you think about surgery.