Have you just booked a flight to Siargao on iEagle? Take a look at the best Siargao tourist spots to check out on your upcoming visit.

Siargao is a bean shaped island which offers serene white sand beaches, great surfing spots, one-of-a-kind islands, gorgeous coastlines, reefs, beautiful scenery and cozy lagoons. Since there are so many things to do and places to see, we handpicked a few best Siargao tourist spots for first time visitors

Cloud 9 Surfing Spot

Among the most popular tourist attractions in Siargao, Cloud 9 is famous worldwide for its crazy and tremendous waves made of thick and hollow tubes. In fact, it is so famous for surfing that Cloud 9 made it to the US-based Surfer Magazine’s Ten Best Surf Trips of All Time making it a surfer’s paradise. As the surfing capital of the Philippines, it inspired the American music artist Anthony Kiedis, the lead guy of Red Hot Chili Peppers, to write a song about surfing here. No one forgets Cloud 9 when talking about the best Siargao tourist spots, but it’s the first mentioned.

Magpupungko Tidal Pool

One of the most beautiful tourist spots in Siargao is an awesome rock pool with crystal clear turquoise-colored waters known as the Magpupungko Tidal Pool. It’s a picturesque spot that is well-suited for taking Instagram pictures, swimming, and cliff jumping. On its expansive white sand beaches, there are several restaurants that offer delicious Filipino food. The best time to visit this place varies depending tidal wave fluctuations as these rock pools are only exposed during low tides and are submerged under high tides.

Tayangban Cave Pool

Situated on the way to Magpupungko, Tayangban is a cave pool and a lagoon which is only accessible during a low tide and is fully filled up during the high tide. As one of the most unique Sairgao Tourist places, the cave pool offers an eerie swimming experience as you swim through the cave pool covered in pitch black darkness, flying bats, pristine stalagmites and stalactite until you reach an open cave pool where you can do cliff jumps from 7-meter high. It’s one of the rarest things you find in the Philippines.

Sugba Lagoon

Sugba Lagoon is a gorgeous and pristine lagoon which is only accessible by boat as it is very isolated from the rest of Siargao. It’s a lesser-known tourist spot in Siargao which offers a peaceful and serene atmosphere with emerald-colored clear waters. In the recent times, it has been gaining popularity among tourists where people come to chill, dive and swim.

Tojoman Lagoon Jellyfish Sanctuary

Located in the Sohoton Cove, just away from the Surigao del Norte’s coast, a serene lagoon amidst green and limestone islets is Tojoman Lagoon. It is also a jellyfish sanctuary as it is home to millions of non-stingy, harmless and amiable brown and spotted jellyfish, so it is locally known as “Jellyfish Lagoon”. You can not only take a boat ride in this peaceful and enchanting lagoon but also swim with the spotted jellyfish.

Naked, Guyam and Daku Islands

A peanut shaped land with a white sandbar and nothing else is a small island known as the naked island due to a lack of everything but sand. It’s a popular tourist spot to visit due to its peculiar lack of anything but sand. If you’re a first-time visitor take an island hopping tour and explore Guyam and Daku Island along with the family-friendly Naked Island. If you want convenient and easily accessible beaches, try the beaches and resorts of Daku Island. However, if you like serene and secluded beaches, then you will definitely love the hidden beach of Guyam island.

There is only one waterfalls on this group of little islands, it is called Taktak falls. Although it’s a great place to visit, there is nothing really special about it.

When you’re in Surigao Del Notre, make sure you check out all of these 6 best and unique tourist spots for an amazing experience.