Statistics are considered one of the most difficult subjects for students. Learning a statistic without the best statistical books is not easy. Before we go to the entire blog, we need a brief introduction to statistics. Statistics are about data and numbers.

In fact, it provides ways to perform a specific task on the dataset and numbers provided. The best statistical books are the first priority to put a good command in statistics. In addition, the best statistical books provide students with tips and calculation tricks. Let’s take a look at the best statistical books for students.

Top 3 Best Statistics Books

1 Statistics

If you are new to statistics, this book is for you. This will guide you through basic statistics and help you gain your knowledge by graduation. Within this book, you will find well-organized chapters. The student will have no problem reading this book.

All the text and graphics of this book are well written and easy to understand. I would like to recommend this book to those who wish to start their studies in statistics.

As already mentioned, this book was designed specifically for beginners. If you’re a beginner, this book will help you clean up statistics on basicconcepts. It not only covers the basics, but also helps to understand the eloquent measures associated with statistical analysis.

With the help of this book, you will be able to deal with interpretation, a variation of coefficient and correlation, hypothesis testing and more.

Head First Statistics – A Brain-Friendly Guide

O’Reilly Media is one of my favorite publications in the world. The way they present the topic is quite interesting. All the books in these publications are beginner friendly and you will love all its books when you start learning from these books. Now let us talk about this book. This book provides you with the best way to learn about histograms, probability distribution, Chi Square testing, Z scores and many more topics of statistics. If you are in high school, you should take a look at this book to clear your statistics exam like a pro.

Top first figures have made this difficult theme a super easy theme with the help of engaging and interactive content. Here in this book you will find puzzles, stories, quizzes, visual diagrams and real life examples among the best. This book is not limited to students; Even a professional will enjoy this book.

You will get good command over statistics and even because of this awesome book it can be applied in our real life. It also covers the basics of data visualization with the help of statistical book graphs and plots. Here you learn the basic data of basic probability distribution, median mode. Some of the more themes covered by this book are binomial distribution, geometric, poisson distribution, regression, correlation, sampling, hypothesis and more.

The Cartoon Guide to Statistics

This book was published by Larragonic. As the name shows what you will find in this statistical book. The author of this book is known for his comic version of educational books. He has published many books on history, science and other subjects. If you hate statistics the most, this book will turn you into interesting comic content.

In this book, you will learn all about statistics with the help of comic diagrams. This book covers almost everything about statistics. This cartoon guide will help you learn the basics of probability, datasets, random variables, binomial distribution, sampling, and more. It also includes all the formulas of these statistical subjects. On the contrary, we can say that this is a real statistical book for beginners.


All the books mentioned above are the best statistics books in the world. If you start reading these awesome books from today, you will have a better command over statistics within a few weeks.

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