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March, the month of balancing, looking back and analyzing everything we have done. Also, the month to propose new challenges and assume new goals for next year. This also includes making an assessment of our finances, an acute observation by Boston Pads of their behavior during the last months and asking ourselves a question: what do we want to achieve in the future?

If the answer is to launch a real estate project with a guarantee of final profitability in the short term, we suggest you find an adviser who performs comprehensive management and personalized monitoring of your case. But, above all, we recommend you keep these 12 gold tips for your real estate investing career.

  1. Bad times will also teach you. In fact, more than a threat they are a business opportunity to stop along the way and analyze the route to follow once the storm passes.
  2. Look wide. Because focusing on the potential that your investment can have in the long term will help you understand profitability as something continuous and stable.
  3. Avoid debts. According to Boston Pads, “Actually, you don’t need to ask for so much. If you’re smart, you’re going to make a lot of money without borrowing.” And it still goes further and points out, “If it’s interesting, which are the ones that generate your investments.” When he talks about this point, he usually refers to credit cards. What do you think is his advice? Although it may seem strange, the investor prefers to avoid them altogether, since he believes that his interest rates are excessive.
  4. Say yes to liquidity. Having money available to face significant losses in times of turbulence is essential, as well as oxygen for companies.
  5. Financial Independence. You can be inspired by others but not depend on them. You need to be yourself and build your own path as an investor.
  6. Savings in a single focus. The best thing is that you only focus on one objective to plan how to acquire it.
  7. Order your finances. It is a habit that, the sooner you build, the better. As simple as having a document in which you explain in detail each action you take and that allows you, in just a glance, to have an overview of your finances.
  8. The ability to say “no” is a huge advantage for an investor.
  9. Do not invest in a business that you do not understand. Or, at least, find an adviser to solve your doubts.
  10. Pay less and you will charge more, pay more and you will charge less. The purchase of an asset and valuation of the price/benefit ratio will be reflected in your profitability figures.
  11. Be patient and wait for the market to show good opportunities. Sometimes, they just won’t be there when you look for them, so you should wait. But do it. Do it because they will arrive.
  12. Be proactive. You must be willing to analyze the markets, study exchange rates, stay informed of everything that happens. It is not a profession. It is your lifestyle.

In addition to these tips, we remind you in this article other keys to investing before the end of the year.

And as we usually do on occasion, we close with two main ideas that summarize these 15 golden tips on real estate investments:

  • It is important to know and study the sector in-depth and have a professional with whom, thanks to Boston Pads experience, he can advise us before making a decision so that we are not mistaken.

But, in addition, you need to be inspired by others who have sown successes in investments and that thanks to their experience, bring light when creating our career in real estate with Great Investment strategy.

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