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While studying in college there is always an option to choose the accommodation either on the campus or outside the campus. While both of them have there benefits and drawback there are few points the students should consider while taking up accommodation as there are certain points in the long run that can be missed out and become problematic. The is no doubt that the accommodation outside the campus can have worse or better build and condition depending upon the price a student is paid whereas the rooms in campus stay the same in size and services.

Accommodation Size Outside Campus

A lot of students often buy accommodation outside the campus for various reason from prices, to availability of necessities and other products. The best student accommodation is usually found outside campus as it gives the option to either save money or even give more spacious and luxurious accommodation whereas the accommodation on campus provides less spacious and congested space, where a lot of students often find themselves hard to work with. 


Even those who have a smaller education fund can find the best place with cheaper rent, this is one of the best way to manage the funds. Also, the food on campus among other necessities can be expensive or doesn’t provide any option on choices limiting the resources available.

Places to Find Accommodation

Students have an option of sharing rooms with other students which can decrease their rent of living significantly as well as give opportunities to become better friends and get to know each other. 

Student housing, apartments, studios, condos, etc. are often the best spot to find accommodation with better services and less price than campus. They can offer more luxury and some nice memories which the campus apartment might limit the rules imposed on them. 


While accommodating outside the campus, students are bound by fewer rules and can engage in more activities and have a stronger social life as compared to on-campus accommodations.

Students can go out to enjoy nice weather by taking a break and engaging in events like watching live games, attending concerts or even having parties. Whereas students in campus accommodation can feel left out and often have to comply with the rules of campus which might not be as lax as off-campus accommodation. Students outside the campus develop better confidence and face the real-life more closely.

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