Recent time has been some of the best when it comes to accessibility to education. Although traditional educational institutions are somewhat pricey and filled with requirements, there are still several ways to gain access to professional educators—all in the comfort of your home! One such option is to utilize Acadsoc reviews online.

Many online educators are willing to review and teach willing students about many things. The best part is that it can all happen in the comfort of your home.

That being said, there are still a few people who are doubtful about how online courses work—especially for students. For those of you who have second thoughts enrolling your children in such courses, here is a short article that will help you gain a better understanding of online courses and what it can do for their students!


Difference Between Traditional and Online Courses

Online courses provide two very important things. Convenience and Comfort.

Traditional courses are done within a lecture room, where there can be around 80 students listening to one professor at a time. Focus is limited, and the professor can only give his or her attention to select people at a time. This makes it hard to get all of their questions answered.

Aside from that, it’s also possible that there are people who are not comfortable with studying in such an environment. They feel uncomfortable having to share a room with 80 other people just to listen to one professor.

With online courses, you can get 100% of the attention of the professor in the comfort of your home. This is because most online courses are done in a 1:1 ratio. 1 student and 1 teacher. For an allotted amount of time, you will be spending time with your teacher who’s only goal is for you to learn something new.

That being said, the same idea applies. This form of learning environment may not be for everyone, as sometimes, being too comfortable can make people lax, making it harder to focus on their studies.

Either way, when comparing both, online courses are the more comfortable and convenient option.


Learn at your Own Pace

Although this applies to the aforementioned example, some online courses don’t have any kind of 1 on 1 professor consultancy. Rather, they just give you a long period to study for certain concepts.

For example, there are marketing courses out there provided by Ivy League colleges which you can take for up to 6 months. You will be awarded a certificate when you finish all the intended exams provided within it.

You’re free to study and take the exams whenever you feel like, and that gives you so much freedom to take things the way you want to.

You’re not pressured by deadlines now and then. And you won’t have to bicker with professors that don’t care about your situation.


Cheaper Tuition Fees

This if you can also consider the payment for online courses as tuition fees. In the Philippines, education doesn’t come cheap. Some schools and colleges can set you back more than PHP50,000 a semester, and some of the most premium Universities offer their courses at around PHP100,000 a semester.

When compared to online courses, which some of them you can take for free, the median of the high-quality ones is around PHP20,000. A far cry from the PHP100,000 cost for just one semester.

That being said, online courses don’t make you pay for facilities, miscellaneous fees, and many other facets available to them. Consider this. Online courses give you exactly what you want, no more, no less. If you want just that, without any other expenses or crazy add-ons, then online courses are a better option.


Great Supplements

For ongoing students, online courses are great as review or tutorial centers. Bear in mind that online courses aren’t necessarily filled with a 6-month syllabus of very specific subjects.

In some cases, there are tutorial services and review courses offered to everyone. You can liken this to the more traditional home tutors or review centers, however, instead of having someone go to your home, or you going to a review center, you’ll again be tutored in the comfort of your home!

With the style of Acadsoc reviews, you can ask all the questions you have to an online teacher regarding one of your subjects. You have their full attention, so you’ll most definitely be able to learn something more from them that you can use in your class!


Key Takeaway

Although there’s a big difference when it comes to the learning environment that online and traditional courses are held, they both have their advantages. Online courses capitalize on the comfort and convenience factor which many people always aim for nowadays.

That should be enough for you to understand what makes online courses appealing to students and other people. They’re cheaper, they have lower pressure towards oneself, and it lets you learn comfortably and conveniently.