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Cyber monday

Pre –Christmas season has been started and everyone these days seems busy in making collections of clothes of different brands and parents are doing the same for the children and themselves. Well, everyone has a right to be happy and get things and goods they want to for the family.

Nowadays, parents are suffering from the challenge of digital parenting of the children because children are facing nightmares on the web, social media by using mobile phone devices. Parents willingly buy digital devices for kids and teens such as mobiles, tablets, pads and computer devices for educational and entertainment purposes.

However, things and time have been changed and currently, youngsters are not using mobile devices in particular for a piece of education and reasonable entertaining activities. On the other hands’ cellphone happens to piped piper for kids. It has made the young generation addicted to it, internet and social media in particular.

The real pied piper had taken the kids of the town from the parents forever and today cellphone devices are doing the same by taking to the virtual world and children become obsessed.

 Cell phone: A New pied piper for kids

Obsession with digital mobile devices, in particular, is leading teens towards online dangers. Today, teens say they cannot spend a single day without using their digital devices connected to the internet. Digital devices single-handedly are not the factor of addiction in teens, series of browsing activities, plenty of social media accounts and as well as activities are creating real issues for teens, excessive screen-time is one of them.

Additionally, young kids and teens addicted to texting, sexting and further use social media apps such as messages, text conversations, and shares photos, videos and Voice messages. Furthermore, online dating and access to the X –rated content have become regular activities of teens.

So, teens start harboring sexual fantasies on mobiles connected to the internet and further love to have x –rated theater all the time in their pocket as a mobile device. However, all the activities when comes in a sequence in a single day become an obsession.

Every activity on digital devices seems attractive for kids and start distracting children from real-life activities. Teens share sexual and nude photos and videos on social networking websites and apps make them encounter with the cyber predators such as online bullies, stalkers and sexual predators.

Cellphone addiction in teens: Pew Research Center

  • More than 93% of U.S teens have access to digital phones
  • Out of 93%, 45% of teens love to remain online constantly on devices
  • 85% of young boys and 83% of girls use cellphone connected to the cyberspace
  • 79% of young boys and 87% of teen girls explore the internet on a mobile device to learn new things
  • 59% of teens have to face bullying online and harassment online especially on social media
  • Only 54% of teens get worried about the cell phone obsession

How you can make sure the digital parenting of kids on Black Friday?

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are right around the corner and you have been made your plans for shopping having discounts on everything. However, you may have forgotten how important children’s online safety for kids. So, parents have to be realistic and they should think about digital nightmares kids and teens are facing these days due to excessive usage of digital mobile phones and tablets and social media.

so, you get 50% to 90% on mobile phone spy app on Cyber Monday discount, it empowers you to track kids and teens activities, You can record screen activities, read messages, call logs, social media logs and further you can remotely control children’s risky activities on the targeted device. You can block messages, internet access, and cell phone calls when needed the most.


Get as much as an advantage on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and make sure kids and teens are safe on the web to the fullest.

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