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black hat seo techniques

Black hat SEO is about getting higher ranking in search engine results through unethical or black hat SEO techniques like cloaking, keyword stuffing, link schemes, etc. It is basically about violating google’s Webmaster Guidelines. While taking a Digital marketing course from an Institute we learn about blackhat SEO and why we should avoid them. 

Google has some guidelines and rules regarding SEO practices. Google launched many updates like Panda, Hummingbird, Rankbrain, etc. These updates help identify black hat techniques and penalized them.

7 most common Black Hat SEO techniques 

Auto-generated Content

It is content that people generate through a programming language. This kind of content is no use of a user but it helps in ranking. If found doing this Google may take some action against it. 

These auto-generated texts do not help users but they contain certain keywords that people search. 

This technique is considered bad by Google and you may get some penalties from google using this. Google can even ban your website for good. 


Cloaking is about showing different content and URLs to users and search engine robots. It is a practice that deceives users as they do not get the results they were looking for. 

An example of cloaking is showing images to a visitor on your site while showing google search engine an HTML text. It is a violation of google’s webmaster guidelines. 

Private Blog Networks

PBN is about having 3 to 4 websites that are used for crosslinking a finally linking to your main website. This is very also very common black hat SEO technique that people use in order to increase page authority and domain authority of their site which ultimately helps improving search engine rankings. 

Google considers this technique as a violation of its guidelines. Google can put penalties using this black hat technique. 

Buying and selling links

Links or backlinks help increase a page authority and domain authority of a site. People often sell and buy links in order to increase DA and ranking. 

Exchanging links is also considered as a black hat SEO technique that violates google guidelines.

Some people use automated programs or software that create links.  

Sneaky redirects

Redirections are used when you temporarily or permanently move a page to another URL. However, sneaky redirects are when you display content to a user but when he/she clicks on it they are redirecting to another URL. The same is done with Google bots they are shown something else and google crawler only crawl the displayed content they do not go to crawl redirected URL. 

This is techniques deceives the user and thus violate Google’s guidelines. 

Hidden text or links

Hidden text or hidden links are mainly used to improve the ranking of a webpage in search engine results pages. 

The most common tactics are using white text in white background, using text behind images, and using text and reducing the font size to zero, etc. 

Keyword Stuffing in your content

Keyword stuffing is some of the most common black hat SEO techniques that you can see. We all know that Google takes into account how many times you use a keyword in your content while ranking in search engine result pages. That is the reason people stuff their content with irrelevant keywords in order to increase ranking.

It does not help any user. Because a reader will find it disturbing seeing usage of different keywords over and over. 

What is Gray Hat SEO?

Gray hat SEO lies somewhere between white hat and black hat SEO. All the techniques that are used to improve the ranking and authority of a website in the gray hat are not mentioned by google as violating their guidelines. 

This technique is considered safer and it could improve your ranking without risking your website. 

black hat vs white hat vs grey hat seo

Black hat vs White hat vs Grey hat SEO

White Hat SEO is improving the ranking of your site in search engine results by following Google’s webmaster guidelines. It is about doing everything clean and fair. 

Blackhat SEO, on the other hand, is manipulating the search engine ranking by unfair means. It is about not following any rules and guidelines of Google. 

Gray hat SEO is a mix up of both white and black hat. It is about using some techniques that Google guidelines do not mention as blackhat. However, these techniques might be called a black hat in the future. 


Black hat SEO is a practice that is used by many but it does come with some harsh consequences. You or your site could face some heavy penalties by Google. 

Black hat SEO techniques are considered as unethical. One should always follow the white hat SEO to get good results. 

Results in black hat techniques are short-lived. And there is always a possibility that you can get penalized anytime. 

However, the white hat may take some time to get results but this improves your performance in the long run. 

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