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E-commerce companies have completely revolutionized the business sphere. They have changed the way people buy products. E-commerce companies sell their products using their online e-commerce portals and websites which are created for providing a catalog of products sold by the company. A variety of products can be purchased from such websites that enlist products on the basis of various categories.

However, an e-commerce company must improve its processes and upgrade their software with the passage time in order to survive for long. Certain business processes like creation of shipping labels and the actual shipment of products from one country to another etc. These processes need to be outsourced which helps businesses to focus on their core activities.

There are various companies that provide software solutions and services to integrate e-commerce shipping software with the actual shipping company software. Bluedart is one such type of shipping company which provides various shipping related services. An e-commerce company can integrate its shipping processes for the faster and quick shipment of ordered products. Ezyslips Company provides API Integration services that allow companies to integrate their business processes with shipping company solutions and services.

An e-commerce company can generate bluedart shipping label which can be affixed upon the shipment for movement of the ordered products across countries and continents. The shipping labels are printed in bulk which allows companies to save money on printing of individual labels for a single package.

A customer can use the shipping labels and track their consignment using the unique identification shipping number of assigned to each ordered product. They get real-time information about the location of the product which provides convenience and security to the customers.

Bluedart is considered to be one of the best companies which indulge in the shipping of products on behalf of e-commerce companies. Their API Integration services help companies to integrate their shipping software with Bluedart’s shipping software. Any order received by the company is directly received by the shipping which prints the necessary shipping labels with the designated information like recipient’s address, name, and other details. The company receives a unique tracking which is shared by the company with the customer for tracking purposes.

Automated software and solutions providing companies provide following facilities and services:

Reverse shipping services

A company can create reverse shipping labels and handle customer return cases. Bluedart service integration allows e-commerce companies to focus on core activities and rest other activities in the hands of Bluedart integration service providers. Any returns from the customer are handled by the Bluedart shipping company which automatically assigns a new identification number and shipping route without requiring any type of quality check.

Printing of shipping labels

A company can print shipping labels upon integration with Bluedart shipping labels and other software solutions. The labels are printed in bulk which proves to be of great benefit for the e-commerce companies.

Handling international shipping and customer complaints

Any type of international shipping order and customer complaint is handled by the Bluedart company. The API based integration services and solution help e-commerce to connect with Bluedart services that help by handling customer complaints and shipping orders.

Therefore, a company can create bluedart shipping label online using Ezyslips customized software solutions.

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